Monday, April 30, 2012

Watching Star Awards 2012

Anyone watched the local Star Awards 2012 last night? I enjoyed the Walk Of Fame segment where i could check out what our local celebrities wore for the award ceremony which was held at the Marina Bay Sands for the first time. Who do you think is the best dressed celebrity for the night? I love Paige Chua's princessy look and she looks really sweet and lovely. She also won her first top 10 most popular female Artistes award last night and i look forward to seeing her in a leading role soon.


Picture 1


I also like what Fann Wong and Christopher Lee wore for the ceremony and they look great and sweet together.


Lin Geng Xin and Annie Liu Xin You from my favorite Chinese drama "Startling By Each Step" also made their appearances at the award and Annie looks even prettier than her Ruolan character in the drama.

Picture 2



I also enjoyed Kpop star Jay Park's 10 minutes performance and love the part where he was serenading actress Jeanette Aw during his performance of Girlfriend. That was so sweet.



I seldom watch local dramas as i prefers watching Japanese and Korean dramas which have more interesting plots but i would always turn on my telly for local dramas starring actor Tay Ping Hui or Qi Yunwu as both are my favorite local actors and i enjoy watching their dramas.


Veteran actor Tay Ping Hui always puts in alot of effort for all his roles and i'm glad that he has finally gotten his first Best Actor award for his role as the rude and crude "ah beng" Xie Donghai in drama "Bountiful Blessings", breaking a nine-year losing streak! It was definitely a well deserved victory for him as he was so convincing in the role and it was so different from his usual cool and charming image! I can't wait for his next drama :) Tay Ping Hui was also awarded the All-Time Favorite Artiste award and Qi Yunwu also won the top 10 most popular male Artistes award. 




More Pictures From The Walk Of Fame:





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