Tuesday, August 12, 2008

YahWeh Delicacies

Nice Mooncake Box

I read about this pastry shop from "The Sunday Times" 3 August 2008 edition and has been wanting to go to the shop to try out the pastries as they have recently opened a new branch nearby in Yishun Cenral. I found out from the article that the chain founded 3 years ago by a group of businessmen, makes its own pastes which makes their pastries refreshing.

I finally went there yesterday with my mum and we tried out some of the pastries like the shaobing, mooncake and Portuguese egg tart. The sales person was very friendly and recommended various types of pastries for us to try. My favourite was the pure lotus paste and double yolks mooncake which was real yummy. The skin is soft and the paste, smooth. And at $9.80 for a box of 2, it was really cheap and well worth it! I ended up buying 2 boxes and also a box of shaobing, Portuguese egg tarts and a pineapple pastry. I found their opening hours odd and asked the sales person why they opens so early at 5am for the Yishun branch and she looks amuse at my question. She explained that they needed to go to other places to sell their pastries although i don't really understand as in the article they only have 2 branches listed. Anyway i was curious if they have customers at such early hours and she was saying that customers still turn up at that timing.


921 Yishun Central 1, #01-251
Opens : 5am - 8am, 5-pm - 8pm on weekdays except Mondays and Thursdays, when it closes in the afternoon;
10am - 8pm on weekends

275 Bukit Batok East Avenue 4, #01-126
Opens: 7am - 7pm on weekdays;
7am - 4pm on weekends

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Dora said...

I bought mooncakes from Yahweh Delicacies as well. Like their vegetarian mooncakes.
I am also a fan of TVB dramas. :)