Thursday, August 21, 2008

Into the Unknown With Josh Bernstein

I read online that Josh Bernstein is helming another new TV program "Into the Unknown With Josh Bernstein" on Discovery Channel and the World Premiere HD Original Series airs Mondays, August 18 at 10pm ET/PT. The program is the first installment of “Into the Unknown With Josh Bernstein,” a new series featuring the genial fellow who made archaeology entertaining as the original host of “Digging for the Truth” on History Channel. Too bad that it is not showing here in Singapore yet and i would definitely be on the lookout for the program when it shows here. You can get more information about the show on Discovery website: and below is the commercial for the program i found from Youtube:

Below are more information about episodes of the program:

Travel with Bernstein across oceans, continents and time zones on aquest for answers. From current headlines to ancient lore, grab your bags and set off for adventure. Topics covered include:

-- In the past, the Anga people of Papua New Guinea revered their ancestors so deeply that they mummified their dead and refused to bury them. But this ritual hasn't been performed in over a half-century and the skills of this ancient rite may soon be lost forever. In a race against time, Josh lives with one of the most primitive tribes onEarth and becomes one of the first Westerners to ever witness their secret mummification process.

-- A deadly conflict between elephants and humans is escalating across Africa. Josh goes on the trail of elephants that are attacking andkilling humans in record numbers to find out why these gentle giants have turned into killers and to investigate a compelling new theory that claims to know the answer.

-- For millennia, people have assumed that because we live on Earth, life must have started here. But scientists are now seriously considering that life may have come here from Mars, having navigated the hazards of deep space to take up residence on Earth. Josh gains access to places only NASA scientists are typically allowed on his quest through the American West for the true story.

-- The Roman Gladiator participated in history's most deadly sport,but does the Hollywood portrayal of Gladiators bear any resemblance to the truth? Were they slaves or celebrities? What was their training and everyday home life like? Josh travels the former Roman Empire from Italy to Turkey to Tunisia to find out.

-- For seven centuries the fierce Chachapoya tribe ruled the mountains of northern Peru from their hilltop fortress ... then, in the 1500s,the tribe suddenly vanished from history. Josh goes deep into the Peruvian Andes by foot and by horse to investigate how one of SouthAmerica's deadliest tribes could have disappeared in an instant.

-- In 14th century Africa, a legend that Timbuktu was a 'City of Gold' began to spread across the world - travel with Josh across West Africa, into the Sahara desert, and to the famous city itself on a quest to find the gold of legend and determine if the myth was ever really true.

-- Did the flood of Genesis really happen? Was there an actual ark ora man called Noah? Josh travels throughout Armenia, Israel, Sicily and Cyprus to investigate a compelling new theory about the truth behindthis extraordinary story.

-- How did one man almost destroy one of the greatest empires on earth? Josh is on a quest across Lower and Upper Egypt to explore how the heretical Pharaoh Akhenaten left his son, King Tut, with a country and a dynasty that was on the verge of destruction.
Do support the program for those who are lucky enough to be able to view it first in their country :>

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You can already order the episodes from the Discovery Shop. They will be released toward the end of October. There is an 8 episode DVD.