Monday, August 25, 2008

Untimely and ungracious (Furious Singaporeans react to table tennis association chief's surprise decision)

I'm also one of those Singaporeans who are upset about the decision of the Table Tennis Association since i read the news on the Straits Time ( ( yesterday. It really spoils and put a damper on all the celebrations for the Women's Table Tennis Team winning the Olympic Silver medal for Singapore.

The Association should have been more transparent in their way of handling the matter and not just give some stupid reason (new CEO, committee etc..) to explain the sacking of the team manager and the unknown fate of the head coach. IT TAKES 48 YEARS FOR SINGAPORE TO ACHIEVE ANOTHER MEDAL AND IT TAKES MP LEE BEE WAH ONLY 48 HOURS TO DESTROY IT !!! Both men have contributed alot to helping Singapore win the medal. Even if they were at fault regarding the Gao Ning matter, MP Lee Bee Wah should not have just decided so suddenly and at such an inappropriate timing. She has really stealed all the glory from the table tennis team and perhaps she might be the only one celebrating the medal success instead of the team and fellow Singaporeans!

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