Sunday, August 24, 2008

Japanese Drama - Change (Ending) (Spoiler Alert!!)

I have just finished watching the last episode of the drama and Takuya Kimura really did a great job portraying as Asakura Keita, Prime Minister of Japan. He also shares great chemistry with actress Fukatsu Eri and i was glad that their characters ended up together. I'm very satisfied with the ending :> and how Takuya's character had stand by his beliefs and continue with the fight and proved that he is not a puppet prime minister controlled by Kanbayashi Sensei.

By calling for a snap re-election in the end, he is calling for the citizens to be the decision makers and to decide who they believe would fight for their country and welfare and not let Kanbayashi take advantage of the political turmoils to become the new prime minister. He knows that Kanbayashi is a despicable politician but he also acknowledge that he was the one who gave him a chance and indirectly helped him discover that being in politics is what he really wanted and to fulfil his late father's dream of helping the citizens.

"Change" is really a well-written, well-cast and well-executed Japanese drama with brillant actors and an intriguing storyline that has a right balance of political, romance and funny scenes to keep the viewers entertainied. "Change" also brings back memories of another Takuya's drama, "Hero". Takuya is really suitable for leadership roles and the characters he played in "Change" and "Hero" shows some similarities like they both started out as underdogs in their profession and ended up being able to win over their rivals with their strong beliefs of rights and wrongs and strong fighting spirits.

Hiroshi Abe also did a great job as the laid back political strategist and provided some comical reliefs in an otherwise serious drama which focuses on the political scenes in Japan. It was really a joy watching his acting and i almost wish that i could see more of his character in the drama. It would be quite interesting and also makes the drama more watchable if he had ended up as the "substitute prime minister" while takuya's character was sick in the drama. "Change" once again convince me that Japanese dramas are still my favourite as the stories are always short, sweet and touching.

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