Monday, August 18, 2008

Happiness Is . . . Better Blood Sugar


Take time to find -- and do -- things that make you happy. It could mean better blood sugar.

It’s true. A study shows that depressed people may be 42 percent more likely to develop diabetes. And the stronger the sad symptoms, the greater the odds.

The Culprit: Unhealthy Habits
Sad feelings, researchers suspect, can make you wanna do some pretty unhealthy things -- like pig out before bed, sack out on the couch all day, or maybe even smoke or drink. And those are all things that could put you on the road to diabetes. But bad habits are only part of the picture, experts note. Even in the absence of bad habits, depressed people are still more likely to develop diabetes.

Beating the Blues
Battling depression isn’t easy and may require counseling or other treatments if it’s severe or hangs around. But if you’ve got just the occasional blue mood, don’t let it linger. Bust out of it.

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