Sunday, August 3, 2008

Taiwanese Drama - You're My Destiny/命中注定我愛你

I found out about this drama while reading The Straits Time, August 1, 2008 edition yesterday and am tempted to watch this drama when it starts showing on E City (Starhub Channel 56) on August 13. From the paper i found out that this new Taiwanese idol drama debuted in Taiwan in March and has rewritten all ratings records nine times. It has been awhile since i last watched a Taiwanese idol drama as the plots are all the same and i get bored after awhile.

However the rave review of the drama from the writer of the paper sparks my interest and i would definitely try watching the drama. This drama deviates from the normal idol drama plots and has a hilarious, complicated and compelling plot which includes a one night stand, pregnancy and marriage of convenience between the leads. The main 2 leads for the drama are actress Joe Chen (acting as Xin Yi) who is known as an actress rather than a pretty face and actor Ethan Ruan(acting as Cui Xi) who is a relatively unknown model turn actor. Joe Chen would trade barbs and kisses with leading man Ethan Ruan who shows his comic talents again after his hilarious performance in Summer x Summer. The filming sites included Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The story revolves around Xin Yi, who is a typical twentysomething girl with nothing special to her name. Her aspirations are humble and her appearances are average, but the world needs people like her, faces in the crowd. While on a cruise with her boyfriend, she stumbles into the wrong bedroom and wakes up in the arms of wealthy and handsome heir Cun Xi. Wedding bells ring when Xin Yi discovers she's pregnant, but can this reluctant odd couple from two totally different worlds actually find happiness? This drama plot seens abit similiar to the Korean drama "I Love You" by Ahn Jae Wook which i'm still watching. So for those who likes "I Love You", you might wish to give this other drama a try :> Happy watching fellow drama lovers...

(Source: The Straits Time, 1 August 2008, Life Section)


Lisa said...

"Your my Destiny" is the BEST Taiwanese movie ever! I'm so obsessed with it. I watch it everyday! Hehehe. It's a good movie. I'll rate it a 10 and a 5 star! *****

KampungBoy said...

ANyone can tell me who sang the theme song?

madageyem said...

me too i love this drama....the best ever