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Sheila Sim As SK-II Ambassador


This should be exciting news for fellow Singaporean fans of the iconic skincare brand SK-II. Finally a SK-II brand ambassador we can call our own ;) Congratulations to Singaporean fresh-faced international model and style icon Sheila Sim for being named the latest brand ambassador of SK-II and we should be proud of this lovely young lady as she is not only one of the youngest ambassadors for the brand, she is also the first one from our lovely sunny island Singapore :) She now joins the rank of other gorgeous celebrities such as Cate Blanchett, Qi Qi, Lee Sinjie, Haruka Ayase and Tang Wei as SK-II's newest ambassador - redefining SK-II's image of crystal clarity with a youthful twist of sartorial sophistication.


As one of Singapore's top supermodels, 27 year old Sheila is known for her pixie good looks and authentic fresh-faced charm. Growing up, Sheila always looked up to her aunt, then model Ivy Chng, as her role model. She constantly watched videos of her aunt sashaying down the runway, in her element. However, Sheila never dreamed that she herself would be able to follow her aunt's footsteps and become a model herself. The turning point was when she was talent spotted at her aunt's wedding by a modelling scout when she was just 16. In 2002, she moved to Hong Kong to pursue a modelling career where she spent 4 years expanding her portfolio.


With over ten years of modeling experience, she has graced the covers of countless magazine and runways of established international labels in all the major fashion capitals. Sheila made her movie debut in the independent film "Autumn In March." Currently shuttling between Hong Kong and Singapore, Sheila is also currently pursuing her interest in marketing and is looking to venture into design in the near future.


A self-professed outdoor sports fan who "loves the sun and sea", she is a firm believer in natural beauty and "being comfortable with who you are". For Sheila, perfect skin is skin that is glowing, radiant and gorgeous, even without makeup. Sheila's skin philosophy is based on efficacy - her ideal skincare regime is one that gives her consistent, visible results.


You would probably have seen her appearance in the high profile campaign for Singapore's Poh Heng Jewellery in 2008 that made her an instantly recognizable face and added a youthful and fashionable feel to the brand.

Ethereal Dews AW Jewelfest 2008

I used to dislike wearing gold jewellery as i feel its more suitable for older ladies but have started to purchase simple gold jewellery from Poh Heng because of her campaign ad which convinced me that wearing gold is cool and fashionable. I feel that Sheila will definitely add a fun and youthful image to my favorite beauty brand SK-II like Japanese actress Haruka Ayase has been doing.


I love Ayase's commercial for SK-II which was playful and fun and i'm looking forward to watching Sheila's commercial for SK-II. She will definitely inspire more young women in Singapore to discover the wonders of SK-II products and to follow a beauty regime from a young age.


Sheila's favorite product from SK-II is the popular Facial Treatment Essence which is also essential in my daily beauty regime. Intrigued by the unique bio-origins of Pitera, Sheila embarked on her journey with SK-II five years ago starting with the brand's signature miracle water Facial Treatment Essence - and her experience was one of amazement. After just one use, she already noticed changes in her skin's countenance. "I did not expect to see any difference after using Facial Treatment Essence for the first time. I was amazed to find that my complexion was brighter and clearer, in just one use."


For the first few days, Sheila felt her skin was "not as obedient as it should be". However she was reassured by other SK-II users that Facial Treatment Essence was just working on her skin, "They were right," Sheila confirms. "In fact, even after three days, I started to notice that my skin texture became more refined, and was smoother."

But it was really after seven days that Sheila noticed that her skin became firmer and more sculpted. She saw an overall improvement in the condition of her skin, something that she had never experienced before with any other skincare brands. "At first, i thought it was just my imagination - but when i went out with friends, they asked me if i was wearing makeup, and for the secret to my skin's glowing radiance. That's when i understood the meaning of crystal clarity".


In just 14 days, Sheila experienced complete skin transformation. In fact Facial Treatment Essence has changed the way she feels about her skin, and more importantly, herself. "Two weeks later, i observed that the fine lines around my eyes and mouth had become smoother and less visible. Also, as someone who is a fan of the sun and the outdoors, i was really amazed to see that the spots and freckles on my face lightened and became less visible". Needless to say, the bona fide fashion icon is now a fervent fan of SK-II.


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