Friday, March 23, 2012

Lovely Gifts From SK-II :)


I was recently invited to write a few blogposts for SK-II and i was really happy to write more about my favorite and trusted beauty brand and its new brand ambassador. Those who frequents my blog would know that i love using their products and have been a happy and satisfied user for the past 2 years :) Has anyone read the earlier post i wrote about our local SK-II ambassador Sheila Sim? Do check it out if you had missed it. I will be posting the video of her TV commercial soon for those who have not seen it yet. As a token of appreciation, i was given the Pitera Essence Set (consisting of a Facial Treatment Essence 75ml, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 30ml, Facial Treatment Mask 1pc) and also the new Cellumination Essence EX (30ml) that SK-II has just launched.


I would recommend those new to SK-II to get the Pitera Essence set to try out first before buying the full size products to see if it suits your skin condition. It would also make a perfect gift for skincare lovers. I just collected the products from SK-II and have started using the Cellumination Essence EX last night. I have tried the original Cellumination Essence and noticed an improvement in my skin tone and i loves its light texture which was easily absorbed into my skin. I will be writing a review of the Cellumination Essence Ex after using it for about a month and am curious of the effectiveness of this new product and whether it will work even better than the original product. Do keep a lookout for my review in May ;)

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