Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Love Shopping @ Fairprice Finest :)

I recently went to the Fairprice Finest branch at Thomson Plaza and had a fun time shopping for interesting foodstuffs which are not available at the Fairprice supermarket near my home.

Photo 2-3-12 10 18 23 PM
I have been wanting to try Koka's latest product, purple wheat noodles aglio olio flavour after reading about it from the Sunday Times awhile ago but could not find it at my nearby supermarkets and was happy to finally get it at the Fairprice Finest. This latest product from Koka has gotten high ratings from the Sunday Times food reviewer and i have been wanting to try out if it is really that delicious.

Photo 2-3-12 10 16 11 PM
I also managed to purchase the new Dilmah Exceptional Rose With French Vanilla tea which retails for S$5.20 and is only available at Fairprice Finest. Not sure if Cold Storage sells this. I tried a sample awhile ago and its really nice and i loves its light rose flavor :)

Photo 2-3-12 10 19 55 PM

Photo 2-3-12 10 18 55 PM

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