Friday, March 16, 2012

Official Apple (New) iPad Trailer

Anybody getting the new iPad today? Finally we are able to get an Apple gadget first and not have to wait several months after its launch in the US. I'm tempted to get  the new iPad too provided its still available when i pop by town later. Heard there are long queues at the stores and i might just decide to wait awhile since i still have about 3 months warranty left for my iPad 2. The only reason i'm thinking of changing is because of the new stunning retina display found in the new iPad but i still prefers my current iPad 2 which is lighter and thinner and more convenient to bring out.



Miaka said...

I have never had the iPad2 thus I got the new iPad and I honestly find it heavy! Resolution is indeed much better than iPad2 but IMO not a strong reason to change. :)

Lady Jan said...

Thanks for sharing Miaka :) I'm planning to get the new iPad once new stocks arrive as have gotten offer for my old one. I also love the new iPad's cool display as i read e-magazines and books on it frequently so would prefer the better display.