Saturday, March 10, 2012

Revisiting One Of My Favorite Childhood Hangout Places :)

I was at Ang Mo Kio yesterday with my family and we could not resist going to the Ang Mo Kio library as my mum used to bring my brother and i there when we were small to borrow books and we seldom go there since we moved from Ang Mo Kio. I also have fond memories of going to the Ang Mo Kio Library regularly during my secondary school days and borrowing tons of books with my best pal during the school holidays as we both love reading :) We did not have the luxury of having computers or iPads during those days but we felt contented and happy just spending time at the library and being able to borrow lot of interesting books home to read. Life was so much simpler then and we were so easily contented with the simply pleasures of life.


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