Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lovely Time Spent @ Clarins Skin Time 30 :)

I was reading the "Beauty For Free" article on the March 2012 issue of Her World Magazine and Clarins was awarded the 'Favorite Beauty Advisor' after a Skin Time session done at Clarins Robinsons Raffles City counter by its writer undercover. Its the first time i heard of this free 1 on 1, 30 minutes consultation service with Clarins Beauty Specialist offered by the French beauty brand. 


I decided to give it a try as i have been wanting to get some samples of Clarins new sunscreen, the UV Plus HP Beige since i'm looking for a new sunscreen and have read wonderful reviews online. I prefer sunscreen that are light in texture, non-oily and offers light coverage for makeup free days. Clarins new beige color sunscreen seems to match my needs as it promises to give skin light coverage and even the complexion while minimizing any redness, dark spots and tiny imperfections. I wanted to try out its sample first before making a purchase as it is quite pricey at S$74 for a 30ml bottle of sunscreen.


I made the appointment online and had my Skin Time session at Clarins Tangs Orchard last Friday. The Clarins Staff Elaine who served me was really friendly and professional. I had the session inside a private cozy room behind the Clarins counter and i appreciate the privacy. There was soft music playing in the background which feels really calming and helps me to relaxed. I was also impressed with the touch-up counter in the room filled with Clarins makeup products for touching up after the Skin Time which would come in useful for those who did not bring their makeups as you have to remove your makeups during the session.





I really enjoyed the session and my skin looks more radiant and smoother after the express facial and the products did not irritate my skin which was experiencing some minor hormonal breakouts. Elaine did a skin check using her hands so that she can decide what products will be suitable for my skin. She remarked that my skin is well hydrated and firm and i told her that i'm more concerned about the occasional breakouts which i experienced during menses. She advised me to exfoliate and apply a mask twice a week and introduced me to the White Plus P Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel, Brightening Exfoliator and Pure & Radiant Mask which she used during the facial. The mask feels really comfortable and soothing on my skin. I was also introduced to Clarin's bestsellers like the Shaping Facial Life Serum which promises to slim, firm and contour the face. I applied the products myself after the toner step and Elaine taught me the Clarins way of applying skincare products which i find really useful. I have included the steps below:

1) Warm product in your hands to bring it to skin temperature and encourage absorption.
2) Apply product with the whole surface of the hands. Never pull or rub skin.
3) Apply firm but gentle pressing motions to stimulate microcirculation and more effectively eliminate toxins from skin.

I love the Clarins way of applying skincare as i find that it really helps my skin to absorb the products better and faster. I also applied the UV Plus HP Beige on my face and it feels really light and comfortable. I received lot of samples of products which Elaine feels would suit my skin at the end of the session and she did not pressure me to make any purchases.



I strongly encourage those who are new to Clarins and thinking of trying their products to register for its Skin Time 30 which i find really beneficial and you get to be pampered by the Clarins staff with their products and there is no obligation to make a purchase on the spot. Samples will be provided for you to try for a few days so that you can test if it is suitable for your skin. I ended up going back to the Clarins Tangs counter the next day to purchase the White Plus P Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel, Pure & Radiant Mask and UV Plus HP Beige and received some lovely free gifts and more samples with my purchases :) I had wanted to make the purchases from Elaine but she was out for lunch and her friendly colleague helped me instead. Will share more details of my purchases soon.

(Source: Her World Magazine Singapore, March 2012 issue)
(Source: https://www.facebook.com/ClarinsSingapore)

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