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Japanese Drama - Zettai Reido 2


I wrote about "Zettai Reido" in 2010 and recently found out that this Fuji TV detective drama which i had enjoyed watching last year has started showing its Season 2 in Japan on 12 July 2011, every Fridays. You can watch it online at ( “Zettai Reido ~ Mikaiketsu Jiken Tokumei Sousa ~” aired in spring of 2010 and depicted the struggles of Sakuragi Izumi (Aya Ueto), a new female detective, as she tackle cold cases that never have been brought to a conclusion. It was a popular drama with decent ratings, and fans got to see Ueto in a role that’s different to her usual image.


The second season won’t just be a simple continuation of the same premise. Sakuragi got transferred to the undercover investigation office within the Metropolitan Police, and now has to deal with current cases as they are happening.

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Ueto, who’ll be reprising her role as the popular detective, commented on the change, “In the first season I had a lot of troubles playing the character of Sakuragi, so I was quite surprised when I received the script (for the sequel). I wonder how I should portray her character in this new environment without losing that typical clumsiness of hers.”

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This sequel will continue from the two-hour special drama, “Zettai Reido ~ Mikaiketsu Jiken Tokumei Sousa ~ Special ~”, which aired on 8 July 2011 in Japan. This special will focus on the return of the members of the Metropolitan Police Department after a specific incident. Although the previous season was about the members trying to seek the truth about cold cases, the upcoming drama series which will take place one month later, where the members investigate and solve various ongoing incidents as part of the special undercover investigation department. Furthermore, the majority of the main cast from the first season will return for the sequel, including Miyasako Hiroyuki, Yamaguchi Sayaka and Kitaoji Kinya. The special achieved a decent viewer rating of 13.9% that nicely fits into the average of 14.4% of the first season.

Kiritani Kenta will play the elite detective Takigawa Shinjiro who will team up with Sakuragi. Although not being from the younger generation of actors, this new drama will actually be Kiritani’s first regular role in the prime time of Fuji TV. He is known for portraying hot-blooded characters, so being a full-fledged elite detective is somewhat of a new challenge for him.


He commented, “In the past, I played a lot of deep and tensed characters. This time I’m glad that I was offered the role to portray the story of a cool character for a change.” Fuji TV explained their choice as well. “Kiritani has very profound acting abilities and an incredible presence. We are sure that a drama can benefit from his overwhelming power as well.”

On July 5th, Ueto Aya and her cast mates attended a press conference for the criminal drama. During the event, Ueto made a comment about her co-star, Kitaoji Kinya, saying, “Every time, he gives me a deep speech about the ‘investigations’, so I always grow from it.” In reply, Kitaoji mused over their reunion after a year away from the set: “I am like her ‘dad’. When I saw her this time, my first impression was that she turned into a wonderful lady.



Actor Kiritani Kenta, who joined this cast for the first time for this season, will take on the role of an ‘able man’ and his character will be partners with Ueto. Ueto commented, “He acts as the ‘mood maker’ during the shoot, and he made me laugh so much that my stomach hurt.” Kiritani revealed that to perfect his role, he became absorbed in following strangers during his free time. “One day, I decided to follow this old man for three hours, and I even went on a train and also went to a Pachinko parlor.  People don’t really look behind them, do they?,” he laughed.

LOVE PSYCHEDELICO will sing the theme song titled “It’s You“, and the song will be released as a single on August 10th. This marks the first time in nearly five years that LOVE PSYCHEDELICO has written a song specifically for a drama.


The duo had previously lent their song “Dry Town -Theme of Zero-” to the first season of “Zettai Reido” as its theme song, but this time the song will fit more closely with the drama’s concepts.

“It’s different from past works,” said vocalist KUMI about the duo’s latest tie-up. “Since we wrote the song while talking about concepts from the show… I feel like we’ve definitely collaborated with a drama for it. To match the image of the movie, this time we added in an entire string orchestra, so we hope you enjoy how it’s a little different from Delico’s usual sound.”

Guitarist NAOKI also pitched in, “It’s the drama staff’s and our wish that everyone throughout the world can be healthy and energetic. This song isn’t just for the drama’s main character, it’s a fight song that contains our feelings for everyone throughout Japan.”

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Aya Ueto had acted as a rookie cop Sakuragi Izumi with the Special Investigations Office, which was set up within the Metropolitan Police in Season 1. The new investigation team uses DNA analysis and the latest in forensics science to investigate cold cases as well as cases suspected to involve missing persons. The story continues with personnel transfers taking place at the metropolitan police department. Izumi is called upon by Nagashima Hideo who had been transferred to the special crime investigations prevention department. At the same time, the special investigations team members are transferred to other departments, each struggling to settle into their new environment.

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Izumi teams up with ace sergeant Takigawa (Kiritani) a man with extensive knowledge and experience in the field. While Takigawa is not completely convinced about their partnership, he takes leadership and sternly instructs Izumi.

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One day, suspicious death accidents occur consecutively and the bereaved visit the jurisdiction to request a reinvestigation. Soon, it becomes apparent that each and every one of the accidents were caused by defected products from various corporations. Takamine Ryoko notices a certain pattern to the accidents and begins to suspect a chance of "corporate blackmail". Can the team solve the mystery in time to save the next victim?

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For those who have enjoyed watching “Zettai Reido 2″ like me, the drama ended on 20 Sep 2011 in Japan and was the winner of the Tuesday dramas, recoding a final episode rating of 16.3%. That’s the second-best final rating after another of my favorite drama currently “Bull Doctor”. (Source: