Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Relaxing With "Sound Massage" ;)

Picture 9

I miss the time when i was at Phuket and within walking distance of the beautiful Patong Beach. It is so nice and relaxing to take stroll at the beach :) However by downloading "Sound Massage-No More Gloomy Days!" free from Apps Store i can at least pretend that i'm relaxing at the beach whenever i feel stressful hehe... I learnt of this useful app while reading last week's Straits Times - Digital Life and it was among the top 100 apps featured in the paper.  This app will bring the sea to you or make you feel like you are in a forest, by a stream. I'm listening to the soothing sound of "Lingering Wave" as i'm typing this ;) Its aim is to calm your mind with natural sounds. Choose from soothing titles such as Pebbled Shore and Lingering Wave and lot more. My favorite is of course the Lingering Wave :)


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