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Japanese Drama - Bull Doctor

I chanced upon this new NTV Japanese medical drama online and it has been showing in Japan since 6 July 2011, every Wednesdays and getting quite good ratings. It has been a long time since i watched actress Makiko Esumi's drama and one of her previous drama "Love Revolution" remains my all time favorite Japanese dramas :) I decided to watch her latest drama out of curiosity and am glad to report that the drama is quite interesting after watching 3 episodes at ( ).

“Bull Doctor” is a medical and mystery drama about a skilled forensic scientist called Odate Tamami (Esumi) trying to find out the truth behind the deaths of various people and a female detective called Kamatsuda Chika (Ishihara) who often clash due to the relentless nature of the former.


Acting in the shadow of the two strong women is SMAP’s Inagaki Goro, who will play another forensic scientist and boyfriend of Ishihara’s character. 14 years ago he already appeared together with Esumi in the romantic drama “Koi no Katamichi Kippu,” but this time their characters are going to entirely hate each other.

Esumi commented, “It’s one of the strongest women I’ve played so far and I’m really excited.” At the press conference Esumi expressed her sincerity for her first drama starring role in four years. She said, “I lost my father when I was 16 and five years ago I also lost my younger brother. It definitely was painful to lose people so close to myself, but I had to accept their deaths and continue to live my life. With those personal experiences, I’d like to convey through this drama, that anybody could encounter death.


The regular cast also includes actress Shida Mirai, singer Bro.TOM, actor Ohno Takuro, child actor Aoki Ryohei, and actress Ichige Yoshie. The theme song “Far As The Sky” is by Filipino singer Charice.



Hashibe Atsuko, who already worked on popular dramas such as “Freeter, Ie wo Kau,” “Boku no Ikiru Michi,” “Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji“, and many more, was responsible for the script of “Bull Doctor”. She was influenced by a lot of true stories when she wrote the plot. The two leading women are also said to portray the true way of life of two hardworking women, with both of them having very strong willpower and no lack of pride.


Esumi anxiously added, “Being able to work together with Hashibe and all those wonderful actors for my first drama in four years, I’m truly happy.”

For Ishihara, it is actually the first time she plays the role of a female detective. She said, “When I first received the story line and realized that I finally would be able to play a detective, I thought to myself that I have really become an adult now. I love to challenge new things and can’t wait to start with the filming.”



Tamami (Makiko Esumi), known as the "Bull Doctor," is a forensic doctor who uses any means necessary to uncover the truth. She is also a mother with one child and has to juggle between her work commitments and the demand of raising a child. Ignoring any opposition from the people around her, she uses any means necessary to determine the truth behind the deaths of the bodies she examines. Due to her persistence she is often butting heads with a passionate detective (Satomi Ishihara) and fellow forensic doctor (Goro Inagaki).







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"Bull Doctor" ended on 14 Sep 2011 with very high viewer rating of 16.4% and they deserved the good results as the drama is really interesting and fast paced. I have enjoyed watching this drama with its interesting cases and love its perfect ending. Hopefully there will be plans for a season 2 as Japanese drama with high ratings usually has a second season or special. I'm keeping my fingers crossed ;) (Source: