Monday, August 8, 2011

I Love My Cambridge Satchel Vintage Brown Bag :)

I finally received my second Cambridge Satchel bag last Friday and it is really lovely and i can't wait to bring it out :) Ordered it from Doorstep Luxury awhile back and had some problem with the strap of the bag which was not done properly when i received it in June.

However i'm glad that i shopped with the Doorstep Luxury instead of buying it online directly from The Cambridge Satchel Company as it would have been a nightmare arranging for the return of the bag to UK and getting a replacement. The friendly people at Doorstep Luxury took back the bag and gave me the alternative of changing to a 14 inch vintage brown bag which they can deliver to me immediately as they do not have stock for a 13 inch vintage brown bag and will have to liaise with The Cambridge Satchel Company for the order and it might take some time due to the popularity of the bags and that they are hand-made. I decided to wait for the 13 inch bag and was also offered the alternative to cancel my order if i do not wish to carry on waiting or changed to another bag. The friendly people at Doorstep Luxury was really apologetic and kept me updated on the status of the bag the past months even though i understand its not their fault as problem lies with The Cambridge Satchel Company which should have done checks on their bags before sending them out as i understand from their facebook page that i'm not the only customer with the same problems. Hopefully they would improve on their quality check as i still hope to order the green and red color bags from them and of course only through the Doorstep Luxury ;)




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