Sunday, August 28, 2011

Delicious White Bee Hoon For Lunch After Voting :)

Hubby and i had our favorite White Bee Hoon for lunch after casting our votes on Saturday and spent a lazy day at Sembawang Shopping Centre relaxing at our favorite Starbucks :) I'm staying up now to wait for the Presidential Election results while blogging and hopes that Dr Tan Cheng Bock will be the new President of Singapore. I feel that he is a very down to earth person and knows the ground well and will be a good people's President. Its a tight fight between him and Dr Tony Tan and i can't wait for the results to be revealed soon. 

Photo 27-8-11 3 01 07 PM

Photo 27-8-11 2 58 09 PM

Photo 27-8-11 2 51 59 PM

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