Friday, June 4, 2010

Japanese Drama - Zettai Reido

I'm currently watching this latest Japanese drama starring actress and singer Aya Ueto and those who loves watching exciting detective dramas like me can also watch it online at ( & ( Aya Ueto will be playing a police detective for the first time. This drama has been showing in Japan, Fuji TV since April 13.

The band Love Psychedelico is in charge of the drama's main theme and opening song. The main theme is a remake of "dry town," a song originally from the band's 2002 album "LOVE PSYCHEDELIC ORCHESTRA." The opening song is "Shadow behind," taken from their "ABBOT KINNEY" album released this past January.

The drama is based on Japan's first "tokumei sousa taisakushitsu" ("special investigation office"), established this past November. The office focuses on using the latest techniques in analyzing evidence to approach difficult cases that have so far gone unsolved. Their goal is to settle case that are about to come under the statute of limitations for the sake of the victims and their families. Each episode is going to focus on one case and all the efforts trying to find new evidence also thanks to the advanced technology that hadn't yet been available a few years back.

In the show, Ueto plays Izumi Sakuragi, an energetic rookie detective assigned to the office. Kinya Kitaoji (67) plays her boss, while her team includes Hiroyuki Miyasako (39), Tetta Sugimoto (44), and Sayaka Yamaguchi (30). Tomomi Maruyama (34), Takeo Nakahara (58), Hiromi Kitagawa (29), and Ryo Kimura (21) have also been cast. In the first episode, Izumi Sakuragi and partner Yuki Fukasawa (Tomomi Maruyama) are called to a crime scene where a woman's decayed body is found under a construction site. Clues then lead the team to connect the decayed body with an unsolved ¥3 million robbery case that occurred 10 years ago ...


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