Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sad World Cup Farewell For Japan

Just finshed watching the World Cup match between Japan and Paraguay and really feel sorry for Japan to lose out on penalty kicks after extra time :< really hate penalties which is such a cruel way of deciding a match winner.... It wasn't the most exciting match but i was rooting for Japan throughout the match and hoping Japan will represent Asia in the quarter finals but i guess it is not meant to be..... It was touching seeing the Japanese fans staying behind at the end of the match to show their support to their national team and some of the fans were crying.

Now waiting for the big match between Spain and Portugal which should be an exciting match :> Will be rooting for Portugal although i also like the Spanish team and have been catching all their matches so far. Was hoping to see both teams proceed to the semi-finals but too bad they are drawn together in this match and there can only be 1 winner.....

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