Monday, June 21, 2010

Superb Performance By Portugal :>

I have been down with a bad flu since yesterday and guess it was due to all the late nights up watching World Cup matches ;> I was struggling to stay awake for the match of Italy vs New Zealand and Brazil vs Ivory Coast yesterday as i was so drowsy after taking my flu medications but am glad that i managed to catch both matches as it was amazing seeing New Zealand holding the Italians to a draw and Brazil played well in yesterday's match. It has been a shocking World Cup so far seeing World Cup favourites like Spain and Germany losing their matches and Frances struggling with all their matches and all the bad publicity.

I just finished watching the World Cup match between Portugal and North Korea and was so impressed with Portugal's performance. Portugal 7 - 0 North Korea!!! Cristiano Ronaldo has finally scored his first goal for this World Cup and i can't wait for their match against Brazil which should be real exciting. Hopefully there will be even more goals from Cristiano Ronaldo :> such a pity that Kaka will not be playing in that match after getting a red card from yesterday's match against Ivory Coast but that should be good news for Portugal :> Now trying to stay awake for 2.30am match between Spain and Honduras and hopefully there won't be any more shocking results as Spain really needs to win this match after losing to Switzerland.

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