Friday, June 18, 2010

Think This Thought to Curb Overeating

When you lift that forkful of whole-wheat pasta to your mouth, do you think "tasty," or do you think "healthy"? To curb overeating, focus on the mouth appeal.

In a recent study, thinking about a food's delicious flavor rather than its nutritional or health-related benefits helped to curb hunger later in the day.

A Taste That Satisfies
Delectable, savory, juicy, crunchy, yummy . . . all good words to have running through your mind when you munch on something healthy. That's exactly what people in a study did when they ate a chocolate-raspberry protein bar. And eating the bar with those kinds of thoughts in mind made the morsels much more satisfying than when the study participants thought of the treat as a fiber- and vitamin-packed health bar. (Get dozens of healthful, pound-shedding recipes that pack a treat for your taste buds, too.)

Thinking Is Believing
Although nothing could be further from the truth, many people mistakenly believe that healthy, low-cal foods simply can't satisfy hunger the way tasty foods can -- and this type of thinking may help explain the study results. Are you ready to turn that perception upside down? Great! Here are some RealAge-approved snacks that taste amazing:


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