Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moon Lovers (Tsuki no Koibito) Finale

I just finished watching the final episode of
Tsuki no Koibito and although the ending where he ends up with Maemi was pretty abrupt, i still like it :> I did not like the character Xiu Mei played by Lin Chi Ling and finds her irritating and it has been a pain watching the drama with her as Kimura's love interest and having more screen time than Shinohara Ryoko whom i would have prefer acting as his love interest.

The only reason i continue to watch the drama was to see if Rensuke will end up realizing Maemi's love and devotion for him and and hopefully love her back. I was glad that he ended up with her in the end and not with Xiu Mei even if it was quite strange that he just suddenly realized that he love Maemi towards the end and did not ask Xiu Mei to stay.

I like the part about Yuzuki coming to terms with Rensuke having no feelings for her and the part where she reach out her hands and demand Rensuke give her a brotherly hug was really cute and endearing. I like the chair Rensuke designed for the town hall competition and how you can link all the chairs together which was really unique. Simple but meaningful design.

The ratings for this drama wasn't really good and it was quite disappointing for a Kimura and Shinohara drama as i love their acting in the show. According to D-addicts, the finale only brought in 16.2% ratings. I still prefer his previous drama "Mr Brain" :> Hopefully the next drama by Kimura will have a better story plot and get better ratings.

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