Saturday, July 24, 2010

Me And My Ipad @ Bakerzin

Drafting this article while using my Ipad at Bakerzin :) love the big and clear screen! It's so convenient but I still have problem loading pictures directly to my blog from Ipad. Need some time to figure out. Have to load picture with my computer. I could not resist taking more pictures of my Ipad hehe... Went Challenger yesterday night to look for cover for my Ipad and bought a cute pink cover. There are a lot of cool accessories but they are quite expensive so I'm trying to control myself and only focus on getting the essential stuffs. At Bakerzin again to take advantage of the 30% discount off cakes with my family. Have been doing a lot of snacking and really need to cut down on junk food and desserts soon hehe..... Anyway going for the One Community Walk organized by the People's Association tomorrow morning so can burn some fats! 

 Hubby enjoying his Ipad

 Watching Wonder Girl's MV

My brother trying out the Ipad & loving it ;>

I also could not resist buying this cute pink rose color Pioneer earphones (S$28/-) after my brother bought the black color earphones and we tried it while at Bakerzin and realised that the sound effect is really good and clear! Much better than my current earphones. I immediately went back to the store to purchase one for myself :>

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