Saturday, July 24, 2010

Possible Extensions For Dong Yi

Two dramas are currently performing strongly in their respective timeslots, MBC’s Dong Yi and KBS’s Baker King Kim Tak-gu, and are now contemplating extending their runs.

First, Monday-Tuesday’s Dong Yi: The 50-episode historical drama is looking at a 10-episode extension, according to a source with MBC. Currently the station is in talks with the actors to extend their contracts, and is pushing hard for the added episodes. That would give Dong Yi an extra month on the air, pushing the finale broadcast from the from September 7 to October 12.

Dong Yi was a hit from the start and has surpassed the 30% mark, though in the last week its numbers have dropped a few points. They dipped back into the upper 20% range as competitor drama Giant has remained strong and Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child has built from a slow start to a 10% rating. 

Next, Wednesday-Thursday’s Baker King Kim Tak-gu: KBS requested the extension, and “careful negotiations” are under way. There are multiple considerations in this case, such as the schedules of the writer and actors, and the mood seems more hesitant than with MBC. The Baker King talks haven’t yet decided how many episodes to add to the initial order of 30.

The drama has been steadily climbing in the ratings, its most recent installments pulling in mid- to high-30% ratings. Understandably, KBS isn’t eager to let this one go if they can help it. 

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