Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shiseido Aqualabel @ Watsons Now :>

Recently Watsons has been bringing in alot of popular Japanese beauty products like DHC, Hada Labo, Majolica Majorca etc...which were not available in Singapore and this is really good news for fans of Japanese beauty products like myself :> Recently Shiseido’s mass beauty line, Aqualabel, which was previously available in Japan and selected countries, are now also available at selected Watsons stores since 1st July.

Aqualabel is not a new brand, though it is relatively new here in Singapore. In fact, Aqualabel was launched in Japan in Feb 2006 and the products are currently available in Japan, China Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The Aqualabel is one of the most mass skincare brands in Japan and 3 ranges will be retailing in Singapore – the Whitening range, the Moisturising range and the Anti-Acne range.

My purchases at Watsons

I went to the Watsons store near my home earlier as i'm interested in Aqualabel's whitening range and ending up buying one of its star products the Aqua Enhancer WT (S$26.90/-). It is a powerful "infusion" skincare step that powerfully forces moisture and essential ingredients into the deep layers of your skin so that they can be perfectly absorbed. I have read alot of good reviews online and on Cozycot forum and decided to give it a try. I also bought the White Clear Foam (S$16.90/-) to try out and it is supposed to be a gentle yet powerful cleanser that doesn't strip skin of moisture. Contains White Clay Powder to remove impurities without imposing undue burden on skin + Skin-friendly Granules that releases Hyaluronic Acid into skin when massaged onto face. Alot of the popular products were out of stock or limited stocks left which shows how popular the product is!

I'm also considering getting its whitening essence – Aqualabel Bright White Ex (S$35.50/-) which was highly recommended by the beauty gurus in the Taiwanese Beauty show 女人我最大 and seems to work similarly to Shiseido's White Lucent (SWL) Intensive Spot Targeting Serum as both contain same ingredient M-tranexamic Acid which helps in dark spot. Aqualabel Bright White Ex is an Intensive Spots Targeting Essence that targets the root of the problem by soothing skin inflammation found near spots and inhibits excessive melanin production with m-tranexamic acid. It infuses skin with moisture while promoting recuperation of skin damaged by UV exposure at the same time.

I'm wondering if it is as effective as the SWL serum as i'm currently using the SWL serum and happy with the results except for its high price of S$159/-. My skin seems brighter and pimple scars lighten after using it for 2 months :> and i won't mind switching to Aqualabel Bright White Ex if it is as effective so that i can save some $$$ ;>

You can get more information about Aqualabel at (!/aqualabelsg?v=info) for those interested in its products.


Anonymous said...

Of course it will not be as effective as the SWL as it is of different category range of product despite from the same manufacturer.

The texture, the quality, the concerntration of active ingredients, etc will all be different not unlike commercial mass haircare compared with salon series.

Anonymous said...

Hi Exactly as you say.