Friday, July 30, 2010

Great Shopping Experience @ FANCL Bishan Junction 8

I had a pleasant shopping experience while at the FANCL store in Bishan Junction 8 on Wednesday all thanks to the friendly and helpful staff. I went there to buy the Resteye gel and she offered to help me to do a quick skin check after my purchase and shared with me the products which are suitable for my skin problem. She has good product knowledge and was very patient in explaining to me the use of the products and even demonstrate to me the use of the washing powder after i mention that i'm not sure of the method. 

What impressed me most was that she was not pushy and offered to give me samples of some products which are beneficial for my skin needs. I hate pushy sales staff who just keep persuading me to buy lot of beauty products that i might not even need to push their sales results. The helpful FANCL staff just asked me to give it a try and i can go back and purchase it if i find it beneficial after use. I ended up buying the limited edition pore treatment kit as i like her service. She even did a skin test for my mum who was there with me and gave her some samples without us asking for it! 

She also gave me free copies of the latest  and past 2 editions of FANCL Fresh magazines. It is service staff like her which makes a great difference :> I will definitely go back there again after the pleasant shopping experience. You can go to the FANCL website for more information on its products if interested :>

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