Sunday, July 4, 2010

Japanese Drama - Shinzanmono

I'm currently watching these 3 Japanese dramas "Zettai Reido", "Moon Lovers" and Shinzanmono" online and "Shinzanmono" is the most interesting and meaningful drama out of the 3 :> It stars my favorite Japanese actor Hiroshi Abe and i love his detective character in the drama who is funny at times and good at reading people's mind and finding out the truth. Shinzanmono is the name given to a newcomer. In this case, the newcomer is Kaga Kyoichiro (played by Abe Hiroshi) an experienced detective who is newly transferred to Nihonbashi Police Station in Tokyo. A woman has been murdered and he has been assigned to the team investigating the murder.

As the story unfolds he finds out more about the woman, her family, and the last days of her life; hopefully leading up to the apprehension of the culprit. In the process, he uncovers the secrets of some of those who were somehow tied up in the murdered woman's life, who may, or may not have been suspects, but who were hiding truths that needed to be told.....

The drama is based on the latest novel in the "Kyoichiro Kaga" series by mystery author Keigo Higashino. The "Shinzanmono" novel is the eighth installment of the "Kyoichiro Kaga" series. Released last September, it has already sold 380,000 copies. Many of Higashino's other works have already been adapted to television in recent years, including "Ryusei no Kizuna" and "Galileo."

Those interested in the drama can also watch it online at and i'm sure you will also love it like me ;>


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