Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get Happy Quick with a Sip of This

 Feeling a little blah these days? Maybe it's time to start a green-tea habit.

New research suggests that drinking this sky-high-in-antioxidants green brew may help ensure that you never feel down in the dumps.

Amazing Tea Trend
In a study involving more than a thousand elderly adults in Japan, those who reported drinking 4 or more cups of green tea a day were also 44 percent less likely to experience depression -- mild or severe. More research is needed to confirm a causal effect, but we already know that green tea is tops for many other health reasons. So you have every reason to sip away while the jury deliberates. (Here's another great reason to drink green tea: a smaller waist.)

Amino Acids Have the Edge
In the study, coffee and other types of teas didn't seem to have the same emotional benefit as green tea. So what gives? It's not entirely clear yet, but researchers suspect a type of amino acid -- called theanine -- found in high levels in green tea might play a role. In animal research this compound seems to help increase the brain's supply of two mood-boosting chemicals: serotonin and dopamine. And as a refresher, here are a few more reasons that drinking green tea is so great for you:

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