Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lunch @ Keisuke Tokyo (Parco Marina Bay)

Often selected as No. 1 ramen in the most popular contest lists or selections in Japan, Keisuke has a sterling reputation for its noodles. In the annals of Japanese ramen, their broth is a sensation. Without a pork bone base, the revolutionary and new broth is made with mainly fried shrimp, giving it a very rich flavour. Their choice of soy sauce is also carefully selected; only white soy sauce is used. The name Keisuke comes from the owner's name, Mr Keisuke Takeda, a widely recognised ramen innovator in Japan. With his roots as a French chef and his vision to create something unseen before, he created the Ebi (prawn) ramen, a new genre amidst the mainstream tonkatsu, shoyu and miso ramens.

After shopping at NBC store, i went with my aunt and mum to "Keisuke Tokyo" on level 3 to try out its ebi ramen which i have been looking forward to trying since its opening few months ago. Have waited till now to avoid the crowd. We reached the restaurant around 2.30pm and the place was quite empty as they have already served the lunch time crowd :> I love the decor of the restaurant and the music of Japanese shamisen playing in the background which gives it a more Japanese feel. 

We had its famous ebi ramen and shared a top up of S$4/- which consists of egg salad, karage chicken and small portion fried rice. We were impressed with the rich flavoured prawn base soup which was really delicious and sweet although my mum finds it too salty. I also love the salad dressing and fried rice which was equally delicious. We ordered a pot of green tea to share and the attentive staff took the initiative to help us to top up more hot water on several occasions whenever she noticed our pot was empty. 

I found the design of the slanted bowl for the ramen interesting and found out that it is specially chosen to retain the fragrance of the ramen. I will definitely be back again to try out its crab stock ramen!


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