Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Korean Drama "Jumong" Showing On Channel U Tonight


Channel U will be showing another interesting Korean historical drama "Jumong" tonight after my favorite family drama "Iron Daughters-In-Law" ended last night. I really enjoyed watching "Iron Daughters-In-Law" which is a heartwarming and entertaining family drama. I was quite satisfied with the ending although i was hoping to see Hye-ja finally marrying her ex lover Suk-Nam with the blessings of her mother-in-law Mak-Nyeo after they were forced to separate for 40 years by Mak-Nyeo. However i did not expect Mak-Nyeo to pass away at the second last episode which was really sad and Hye-ja finally decided to give up her relationship with Suk-Nam. It was a pity as their love story is really touching but i guess that is the best ending since she does not wish for her elder daughter Yeon-Jeong to sacrifice her new found love with Suk-Nam's son. Hye-ja also wish to continue the legacy of Mak-Nyeo and continue being the 12th daughter-in-law of the 300 year old family clan and be there whenever her family members need her. This drama really highlights the importance of family and no matter what happens, family will always be there for you and you should treasure them. Those who miss watching this drama and wish to find out more can go to my previous posts at ( and ( The DVD sets are also available at the local video stores.



I was looking forward to Channel U showing another interesting and heartwarming new Korean family drama and was disappointed that they are showing "Jumong" instead as i have already watched it before. However this 2006 drama is also a really good quality and interesting period drama and hubby and i really enjoyed watching it and i highly recommend the drama to those who have not watched it before. You will definitely be hooked to its exciting plot and natural acting by the cast ;) You can find out more about the drama at ( and my previous post on the drama at ( However, do note that i wrote about the drama after i finished watching it in 2008 so those who do not wish to find out the ending should not continue reading after the spoiler alert ;)






ziuma said...

jumong is my favourite film. but in Indonesian Language.

ziuma said...

So suh no is may favourite.