Saturday, May 26, 2012

Deliciou Korean Food For Lunch @ Manna Story (Plaza Singapura)

I went shopping at Plaza Singapura yesterday and managed to buy alot of my favorite snacks from Marks & Spencer. I went to its newly opened store (located at the former borders bookstore) at Wheelock Place twice recently and was disappointed with the selections at the food section as i could not even find my favorite potato chips there. I was able to stock up on various flavors of my favorite potato chips while at the Plaza Singapura store instead :) I was looking for a nice place for lunch with hubby and chanced upon this Korean restaurant "Manna Story" at basement 2 and we decided to give it a try as we both love Korean food and its value for money set meal comes with 4 side dishes, soup and drink. We had a delicious and satisfying lunch there and i highly recommends the place to fellow Korean food lovers. We can't wait to dine there again as the prices were really reasonable and our total bill came up to S$36.96.

Photo 25-5-12 5 21 01 PM

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Hubby and i love its delicious side dishes and reminded us of the delicious Korean cuisines we had during our trip to Korea :)

Photo 25-5-12 5 28 16 PM

Photo 25-5-12 5 25 15 PM
We each ordered its BBQ Chicken set which is more than enough for 2 persons!

Photo 25-5-12 5 29 03 PM

Photo 25-5-12 5 24 36 PM
Crispy and delicious Spring Onion Pancake


Miaka said...

the pancake looks good!!!

Janice said...

Do give it a try if you happen to be in the area :) Having craving for the pancake as i'm typing now hehe