Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Love My Cambridge Satchel Vintage Brown Bag :)

For fellow bags lovers who are considering getting your first Cambridge Satchel bag after seeing it on local Channel 8 variety show "My Fair Ladies" recently and am unsure of what colors to get, i would suggest the Classic Satchel In Vintage Brown 13 inch bag which i find really easy to match with the clothes i'm wearing and is the bag i uses most often :) Those who missed the show can watch it online at ( The episode also showcase other lovely bags by my favorite local online retailer Doorstep Luxury and bag lovers will definitely enjoy watching it ;)

Photo 10-5-12 10 46 31 AM
A picture hubby helped me took with my beloved Cambridge Satchel Classic Vintage Brown 13 Inch Bag

I have received messages from fellow fans of the brand who are interested in getting the bag but unsure of which size is more suitable for daily use and i have two 13 inch bags and i decided to take a picture of what items i can "squeezed" into the bag for those who are thinking of getting the 13 inch bag. I tried to "loosen" the bag as its leather is really stiff when i first received it and i find that i have difficulty fitting in my wallet and card holder after putting in my new iPad and its bag inside. I managed to "loosen" my 13 inch bag abit by squeezing in about 5 magazines and leaving it in the bag for 2-3 days and i find that i can fit in abit more stuff but do not overload the bag with too many magazines as you do not want to damage its beautiful leather ;)

Photo 10-5-12 10 48 18 AM
I can finally fit in my new iPad, iPad bag, wallet, card holder and small cosmetic pouch in the bag after the "loosening exercise" but still have difficulty fitting in my umbrella and either i have to get a smaller umbrella or get the 14 inch bag for days where i have to carry more stuffs heehee  ;)

My brother was also asking me about the bag after he saw it in a shop and love its design. For ladies who tends to carry alot of stuff when you are out, you might wish to get the 14 inch bags and i had advised my brother to get the 15 inch bag as it is more suitable for guys. I got my 2 bags from online retailer Doorstep Luxury and i will go back to them if i'm going to purchase a 14 inch bag as they provide prompt delivery and has great after sales service when i faced problem with my purchase. Here are some colors i love and would choose from it if i'm going to get the 14 inch bag ;)




Those interested in getting the bag can consider getting it from Doorstep Luxury too :) You can check out its Facebook for more information and reviews.


Anonymous said...

I saw this bag at a shop in Liang court. May I know how much is it selling on line?

Janice said...

Hi you can check out its price at local online retailer Doorstep Luxury ( I got my 2 bags from them and they provide free delivery in Singapore but noticed that the 13 inch bags are sold out currently.