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My Lovely Purchases From Philosophy @ Sephora Orchard Ion :)

This popular skincare brand from the US made its Singaporean and Asian debut at all Sephora outlets on 27 April 2012 and i have been reading alot of positive reviews from its user on beauty blogs and magazines. You can find out more information about its brand and founder at ( & ( & (

Philosophy which celebrates its sweet sixteenth this year, delivers medical inspired skincare products fused with emotive musings which hubby and i find interesting and unique.


Already in its 16th year, philosophy was initiated by Cristina Carlino who was already the proud owner of successful brand Biomedic, a medically-based line that was disseminated through leading dermatologists and medical practitioners. "What is 'in' the jars can give you better skin and what is "on" the jars can inspire you better days," says skincare visionary Cristina Carlino, reflecting philosophy’s new concept. Philosophy has quickly garnered a cult following since Oprah Winfrey named the brand on her list of "Ten Best Things" for six consecutive years. Hubby and i decided to check out its products while we were in Orchard during the weekends as i was really curious about its fan favorites moisturizer Hope in a Jar and perfume Amazing Grace and we ended up buying both products home :))


A lot of ladies were also checking out philosophy's products while we were at Sephora Orchard Ion. We find the names of philosophy's products and the inspirational thoughts on life and love printed on its simple packaging uplifting and delightful and could not resist trying some of its products tester. Its friendly sales staff Ray introduced some of its best sellers to us and we decided to get its Hope in a Jar oil free gel moisturizer (S$59) which was specially created for the Asian market for normal to oily skin. The original Hope in a Jar is also available but we prefer the lightweight and watery texture of the oil free gel compared to its original which is lightweight too but feels thicker in texture after we applied some on the back of our hands. Both moisturizer absorbs into skin really quickly and leaves a comfortable matt feel. This moisturizer is said to hydrate, exfoliate and protect to give you softer, healthier and a more radiant skin and is suitable for both of our skin types (combination and oily). 




Hubby also bought me the Amazing Grace perfume as we both love its clean,  fresh and light flora scent which feels like you just stepped out from the shower and is perfect for those who cannot stand strong perfume. It cost S$69 and Ray also introduced the Inner Grace perfume to hubby and i'm thinking of getting it as a gift for him ;)


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I was attracted to its lovely gift sets which comes in really pretty and sweet packaging which you can buy for your love ones or yourself and recycle the boxes to store your skincare products.


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I was so tempted to get one for myself but decided to control myself and just get the moisturizer and perfume first. I love the free gift starter kit containing the brand's popular products in travel sized packaging which we received when we spent at least S$120. I love the 90 ml Purity Made Simple cleanser included in the free gifts as it is a 3 in 1 cleanser that gently cleanses, tones and removes all face and eye makeup in one step and is one of its best selling products! Formulated with 12 essential oils, it not only helps to calm and smooth skin but is a time and life saver for those days when you are too tired to remove your makeup, cleanse and tone your face after a night out or hard day at work. I gave it a try yesterday and my skin sometimes experience breakout when the product does not agree with it and luckily it did not irritate my skin. Skin feels comfortable, clean and non drying after cleansing. I plan to use it on days when i'm feeling lazy and rushing for time so that i can skip some of my skincare steps without really "skipping it" heehee :))) Would do a more detailed review on the products after i have tried it for awhile more. Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead ;)

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Found from ( that Philosophy will be available at the Changi Airport Terminal 3 Transit Perfumes & Cosmetics (Central Piazza) store from this Saturday, 12 May 2012. Changi Airport is the first airport in the Asia-Pacific region to carry the brand and you can check out the price at (