Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fujitsu Develops App To Check Skin Tone With Smartphone Camera

Interesting Japanese beauty news i found from ( and hopefully the app will be available in English for use on the iPhone too so that we can do our own skin check at the comfort of our home ;)

A demonstrator photographs her own skin with a smartphone camera with the help of a mirror for a skin condition checkup using Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.'s new smartphone application.

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. said May 7 it has developed technology that allows people to evaluate their skin condition with a smartphone camera.

Noting that consumers now tend to purchase skin lotions and other cosmetic goods by mail order instead of over the counter, Fujitsu said the new system could be used as a guide for choosing cosmetics that best suit them.

With a dedicated app installed, the smartphone can measure the brightness and hue of skin, the density of skin spots and noticeability of pores.

Fujitsu said the technology performs as accurately as dedicated machines available at cosmetics shops. The user has only to apply plastic film with a hole to a particular body part and photograph it.

A comparison of the hues of the plastic film and the skin helps to quantify skin condition accurately, regardless of the ambient brightness and illumination. Smartphone cameras have resolutions of several million to more than 10 million pixels, a level that is almost as high as up-to-date digital cameras. Zoom-up analysis of the images enables detailed measurement of pore and spot conditions, company officials said.


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