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Korean Drama - Iron Daughters In Law 不屈的儿媳妇 (Recap Of Recent Episodes)

This heart-warming and entertaining Korean family drama has captivated a lot of Singapore TV viewers since it started showing on Channel U and my first post about the drama at ( has been the most popular post in my blog since i posted it in April 2012 and i decided to do a recap of the recent episodes for fellow fans of the show who has missed some parts and are unable to watch it online. For those rooting for the main leads Yeong-shim and Shin-Woo to be together, you must not miss next week's episodes as the couple finally get married. Shin-Woo's father finally agreed to their marriage although Shin-Woo had to reveal to the media in advance so that he has no choice to stop their marriage. His father also begins to acknowledge Yeong-shim's hardworking effort at work.







Hubby and i were really touched by Shin-Woo and Yeong-shim's deep love for each other in the show. The scene yesterday where Shin-Woo traveled back to the orphanage that Yeong-shim grew up in and recorded an encouraging video by the nun who raised her up was touching and shows Shin-Woo's unwavering love for Yeong-shim. He understands her so well and knows the best way to convince her that he is willing to be with her despite all the obstacles they face in life and from his parents.


Yeong-shim and Shin-Woo's relationship was put to the test in the recent episodes with the appearance of his ex-girlfriend Zhao Enxiu who is younger and better educated than Yeong-shim. She regrets leaving Shin-Woo and could not believe that he has found someone much older and less educated than her. She feels that its her fault that Shin-Woo has lost faith in love and does not truly love Yeong-Shim. She believes that Shin-Woo still can't forget their love 4 years ago and is confident of getting him back. However Shin-Woo's love for Yeong-shim remains the same and he was initially cold towards Enxiu and angry with his father for arranging her to work in their company to tear him and Yeong-shim apart. However he starts to feel sorry and guilty towards Enxiu after she reveals that she was forced to leave him 4 years ago after his father threatened to report her late father's embezzlement of the company's fund to the police. She has lead a rough life since leaving him and could not continue her University studies and had lied about her qualifications when joining their company.





Yeong-shim feels hurt and threatened when Shin-Woo constantly helps Enxiu although she also feels sorry for her at the same time. Shin-Woo's parents make things worse by insisting he marry Enxiu and even arranged for her to stay with them. Yeong-shim discovers she has a growth in one of her ovaries at the same time and was informed that she will have difficulty conceiving in the future. She decided to break up with Shin-Woo and encourage him to give Enxiu another chance. She pretended that she could not stand Shin-Woo's guilt towards Enxiu and it makes her unhappy and irritated and she insist on breaking up despite Shin-Woo begging her to give him another chance. 




Shin-Woo turned to drinking after breaking up with Yeong-shim and announced to his parents that he would never get married since breaking up with Yeong-shim. However he found out by chance that Enxiu was forced to work in a nightclub for 2 months to repay her late father's debt and felt even guiltier towards her. He finally agreed to marry her since he can't be with Yeong-shim. However he does not bother about the wedding preparations and leaves all the decisions to Enxiu and his mother. Enxiu feels hurt about Shin-Woo's indifference to their pending marriage but persist in going ahead with the marriage as she cannot imagine life with him.



However Shin-Woo's parents discovered the truth about Enxiu's past and drove her out of their house. Yeong-shim went to her rescue and even brought her home and care for her when she was sick. Enxiu overheard Yeong-shim confiding in her mother-in-law that she feels for Enxiu as they are similar and she had also harbored the idea of hiding her infertility and continue being with Shin-Woo as she does not wish to lose him and she can understand Enxiu's action in the past. Enxiu begins to understand why Shin-Woo loves Yeong-shim so much and decided to leave. She told Shin-Woo the reason Yeong-shim had to break up with him and also asked Shin-Woo's father to give the couple a chance. Shin-Woo's mother continuously pester Yeong-shim to break up with Shin-Woo and claims that she will never agree to their marriage despite the couple getting back together and Shin-Woo's father finally agreeing to their marriage.



Se-Ryeon also learned to let go of her relationship with Jin-Woo after her attempt to hurt him and his father's company failed. She was touched when Jin-Woo tries to stop her from harming herself and encourages her to find happiness again. She apologized to Jin-Woo and Hye-Won and left the country to restart again and seek her own happiness.




Hye-Won finally marries Jin-Woo but she has a hard time juggling between the Kim family and her new in-laws the Moon family as her new mother-in-law Myung-Joo is like a kid at times and get jealous easily over Hye-Won's closeness with her ex-mother-in-law Hye-Ja. Myung-Joo was upset with Hye-Won for sharing with Hye-Ja that her mother-in-law had tried to bribe her with golden toads if she is able to give the Moon family a heir and laughing over the incident behind Myung-Joo's back. Hye-Won and Jin-Woo are supportive of Yeong-shim and Shin-Woo's relationship but Myung-Joo is fully against the couple's marriage and bullies Hye-Won into siding with her. There were a lot of funny scenes where Myung-Joo went to the Kim family and insisted that Hye-ja stop supporting Yeong-shim's marriage to her beloved son and got even more upset and angry when Hye-ja threatens to accept Shin-Woo into their family if his parents continue to disapprove of their marriage. Hye-Won's feels torn between the 2 older women and can't help resenting Yeong-shim for putting her in such a difficult position.






Hye-Won's lovely and smart daughter Viviana is warmly accepted into the Moon family and her in-laws adore her although Mak-Nyeo demands that she address Jin-Woo as her father instead of uncle. Little Viviana is confused and upset as her own father is in the Philippines and she cannot understand why she cannot address Jin-Woo as uncle. She also misses the Kim family. She annoys Mak-Nyeo when she feedback that Hye-Ja's cooking tastes much better than her's despite her effort to spend money sending her for enrichment classes and buying expensive and beautiful clothes for her.





Hye-ja's renewed relationship with her ex-lover Suk-Nam is also put to the test by her mother-in-law Mak-Nyeo discovering their secret relationship. She was forced to end the relationship after Mak-Nyeo became ill and insisted Hye-ja leave the Kim family if she choosed Suk-Nam. Mak-Nyeo has always depended on Hye-ja and cannot imagine life without her around and feels betrayed by her being with Suk-Nam. Hye-ja's children and sister-in-law Geum-sil feels sorry for them and are touched by Suk-Nam's love for Hye-ja and advised her to be with Suk-Nam secretly and they will cover for her in front of Mak-Nyeo. However Hye-ja and Suk-Nam's tender love are further tested when they discovered to their horrors that her elder daughter Yeon-jeong is contemplating marriage with Suk-Nam's only son Zhang Fei!!!








Yeon-jeong has finally found the courage to love again after being betrayed by her first love and Hye-ja could not bear to tear them apart although Suk-Nam also refused to give up their love. Yeon-jeong also could not bear to ask Hye-ja to sacrifice her 40 years love for Suk-Nam and the 2 couples are struck between deciding whether the past or future love is more important and worthy of their sacrifices. The idea of being step-siblings and in-laws horrifies the 2 couples and what will happen in the end??








Soon-Jung has returned to her studies despite being pregnant and she has learnt to stay strong for the sake of her unborn child and ignored the disapproving looks and gossips of her schoolmates. She gains strength and encouragement from Fang, Yeong-jeong's older and widowed colleague who has a baby taken care of by the Kim family and is also staying with and renting a room at the Kim family home. Soon-Jung and Fang also shows sign of having feelings for each other...




Meanwhile Geum-sil finds herself with a mysterious admirer "K" who left a flower and love note at her salon. She is curious about his identity as she is afraid of ending up alone with Mak-Nyeo after everyone in the Kim family finds their true loves and leave the house.



Anonymous said...

I love this show and thanks for updating the story here as i have missed some parts. I watch it when i am at the GYM on the treadmill and read only the subtitles. It must be funny to see me in tears on the treadmill when it comes to touching scenes.

I am so happy that the ending is a happy one. True love prevails! :)

Janice said...

Thanks for the lovely comment :) Another nice family & romance drama to watch is Twinkle Twinkle currently showing on Channel U, 7pm weekdays.