Monday, May 28, 2012

List Of Lusts - Special Edition Barbie Dolls I Wish I Could Add To My Dolls Collections :)

I love collecting Barbie dolls and you can check out pictures of my collections at ( My friend's kids always love to play with the dolls whenever they come to my place for gatherings and it would help to keep them occupied the whole day while we adults can chit chat in peace ;) Of course my special editions dolls are kept in their box and out of their reach hehe ;) I was checking out the new dolls online at Barbie Collector and found some special edition dolls that  i wish i could add to my collections especially the William and Catherine Royal Wedding Giftset! Anyone knows if it is available in Singapore?

Picture 3

Picture 5

Picture 4

Picture 2

Picture 1



Anonymous said...

Prince william doll--> someone was selling on a few days back( its not cheap) , if u are lucky he might re-list it again.

Breaking dawn bella bride -> Magma Heritage shop has it, should be below $80.

AUssie doll -> rare but not impossible, on ebay someone selling asa set of 4 , go check it out

Janice said...

Hi thanks alot for the info :) will go check it out.

Anonymous said...

prince william doll ->

Aussie doll -> (as a set)

Dealt with the seller b4, pretty nice chap , his wife and him collect barbie, even helps to bring in for ppl.

Breaking dawn ->