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Korean Drama - 49 Days








I have been looking forward to watching this new drama even before it was shown on TV as Lee Yo-won from "Queen Seon Deok" and Bae Soo-bin from "Dong Yi" are both starring in the drama. I have enjoyed watching their previous dramas and look forward to this new 24 episodes fantasy-romance drama. Lee Yo-won stars as Song Yi-kyung in this drama. She expressed her reason for choosing this drama, "There were a lot of choices but I chose this because the idea of playing two roles seemed fun" She said, "I am curious how I am going to portray and express these two characters, Song Yi-kyung and Sin Ji-hyun. I will work hard to express their different personalities well". She explained the drama, ""49 Days" will make us think again about the way we live and help us find happiness". For actor Jo Hyeon-jae, who is acting as her love interest, this will be the first project since his discharge from the army.


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This SBS drama started showing in Korea on 16 March 2011 and takes over Sign’s Wednesday-Thursday timeslot. The drama comes from the successful writer-director pairing of So Hyun-kyung and Jo Young-kwang, who worked together for Brilliant Legacy and Prosecutor Princess. I'm hoping that this drama will be really interesting as i'm not really interested in the other Korean dramas (Midas, Royal Family, Thorn Birds and the Duo) currently showing in Korea except for "Crime Squad" which i have started following after watching 2 episodes on KBS World this week. Loves it interesting storyline and acting by Song Il Gook.





I just watched 2 episodes of "49 Days" online at ( and can't wait to catch more episodes to see what will happen to the 2 main characters Ji-hyun and Yi-kyung. The plot of 49 Days revolves around Ji-hyun (Nam Gyuri) from an affluent family who lives a completely happy life, but through a car accident is brought to death’s door. However, the spirit that leaves her body encounters her pretty boy scheduler (Jung Il-woo), whose role is to guide her to the afterlife. He is a modern angel of death. The dark and gloomy image of an angel of death had become lighter and more sophisticated when met with actor Jeong Il-woo. Instead of the usual dark image, he wears a fancy blue trench coat and rides a motorbike. Managing the schedules for the dead is also done with a smart phone. With his help she’s able to return to the living realm by borrowing Yi-kyung’s body, and must earn the sincere tears of three people (except her parents) in order to remain alive in her own body. However she is unable to reveal her true identity to them. She thought that it will be an easy task as she is confident that she will be able to get the tears from her fiance and 3 best friends and even bargained with the scheduler to extend her life further if she can get genuine tears from more than 3 people.









Lee Yo-won stars as Yi-kyung who gets possessed by the spirit of Ji-hyun whose body has fallen into a coma after surviving a car crash, just a week before her planned wedding. Yi-kyung is a part-time employee at a convenience store and she had indirectly caused Ji-hyun's car accident when she attempted suicide. She hasn’t gotten over the death of her boyfriend and gives up on living. She lives as if she is an inanimate being. Even unaware herself, she ends up handing over her sleeping body to Ji-hyun. As Ji-hyun’s soul possesses her body, it becomes a turning point in her life.





In order to get close to her friends and fiance Kang Min-ho (Bae Soo-bin), Ji-hyun (using Yi-kyung's body) managed to find work at her friend and high school buddy Han Kang's (Jo Hyun-jae) restaurant. Han Kang is an Architect/Designer, graduate of a prestigious American university and operates a wine bar cum restaurant. He loves Ji-Hyun, but cannot express his feelings because of complicated misunderstanding and partly because she is his best pal Min-ho's fiancee. From Song Yi-Kyung he is the first to realize that Ji-hyun’s soul has returned, so he tries his best to have her revived.

Ji-hyun's 3 best friends



Episode 2 ended with Ji-hyun realizing it is no easy task getting the tears and also discovering to her horror that her best friend In-jung (Seo Ji-hye) and Min-ho has been having a secret affair behind everyone's back. She had bumped into them having a secret rendezvous in a hotel when she was using Yi-kyung's body! Ji-hyun finally recalls seeing them together before her car accident!!! It seems what awaits Ji-hyun who borrowed Yi-kyung's body is not getting the 100% genuine tears from the people who loves her like she expected but having to witness the cruel reality that her friends are not what she thought they are and seeing them revealing their true self is the uncomfortable truth that is awaiting her.....
















Actress Lee Yo-won managed to take off the stern image of "Queen Seon-deok" and transformed into a silly character. In the first episode of SBS drama "49 Days" Lee Yo-won played a dark character but in the second episode, after the soul of Ji-hyun went into her she plays a more lively and positive character. Especially in the scenes where she re-received her mission to come alive again by 'scheduler' Jeong Il-woo and in the restaurant, she completely threw off the image of "Queen Seon-deok" and became more tough and appetizing.

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Spoiler: "49 Days" Nam Gyoo-ri Finally Gets One Tear! (updated 21 April 2011)

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Lee Yo-won possessed by Nam Gyoo-ri in SBS drama "49 Days" finally gets one tear.

In the drama "49 Days", Ji-hyeon (Nam Gyoo-ri) goes into a coma from a car accident and possesses Lee Kyeong (Lee Yo-won) with the help of the scheduler (Jeong Il-woo).

As the scheduler ordered, Ji-hyeon has to earn 3 tears in 49 days in the body of Lee Kyeong. On the episode on the 13th, she meets a friend and interviews her seeing tears, but soon realizes that tear wasn't for her and falls into disappointment once again.

Then on the 14th, she succeeds in getting a tear in the body of Lee Kyeong in ten episodes. It feels more valuable as it has been more than half the time she promised with the scheduler.

The productions requested, "Ji-hyeon has to get 3 tears and finally has one. The owner of the next tear will be revealed dramatically so please look forward to it".


Ex Pop Star Nam Gyoo-ri Committed To Acting Career


Nam Gyoo-ri, who only made her acting debut in SBS TV drama "Life is Beautiful" last year, has been cast as the lead of new soap opera "49 Days".

"I had to work so hard to change careers from singer to actress", she says. "But I can't think of any other occupation. From early childhood I was firmly set on becoming either a singer or an actress. It's not that I chose to be an actress. I'd say I had no other choice. I am where I am now because I was constantly searching for something I can do well and enjoy doing".

At one point after her 2006 singing debut, Nam was among the biggest pop stars in Korea with girl group SeeYa. "I sometimes miss being a singer because you can always communicate with fans when you're on stage singing", she says. "But I hope I can find a new kind of happiness and achievement in acting".

Her ambition is to be a real actress rather than a TV celebrity. "I've just started discovering the real taste of acting, and I don't think I've got to any depth in expressing emotions. When I confront these difficulties, I wonder if I'm actually talented. I hope that it's my destiny, because it's my only job at the moment".


Jeong II-woo Sings "49 Days" OST "The Scarecrow"


Jeong Il-woo sang the OST for drama "49 Days" he's also starring in.

While the drama "49 Days" is about gathering 3 drops of pure tears within 49 days, Jeong Il-woo has the role of the new generation death angel, scheduler. In following of the rap song "scheduler caller ring" he sang himself, he also sang the OST "The Scarecrow".

"49 Days" OST Part 4 "The Scarecrow" was made by composer Kim Won and lyricist Lee Ji-eun who did albums like Monday Kiz, "Jungle Fish" ost, VOS and more. It is made up of a dreamlike modern rock acoustic guitar sound and the lovely chorus creates a sentimental atmosphere.

Well portraying the dearness of the drama singing the song "The Scarecrow" with a voice so soft as if whispering, Jeong Il-woo repeated practicing and recording despite the busy schedule and drama shoot, as he was under pressure of this being his first song under his name.

In the OST for drama "49 Days" Jeong Yup, Seo Yeong-eun and Nabi also took part.

On Naver Music :


Jo Hyun-jae Sings For 49 Days (updated 26 April 2011)

Actor Jo Hyun-jae is contributing a track to the soundtrack for his current drama, 49 Days, following fellow castmate Jung Il-woo, who previously recorded a track. Jo’s contribution is titled “Even If I Live Just One Day" and was featured in episode 12 when all 4 main characters met at the park in Jinan.


SPOILER: "49 Days" Jeong Il-woo's Past Memory, 'Accident' On The Way To Meet Lee Yo-won (updated 6 May 2011)


Jeong Il-woo's past has been revealed.

On the episode of SBS TV "49 Days" on the 5th, Scheduler Song Ee-soo found his memory from when he was alive. Sin Ji-hyeon (Nam Gyoo-ri) possessing Song Ee-kyeong pushed on him with a picture of him from the past. The Scheduler then cried and said, "No, it's not like that".

His memory came back and he recalled the past. Turns out the picture was taken when he was sleeping and Song Ee-soo had purposely told Song Ee-kyeong goodbye so that he could buy a ring for her with the money he made doing manual labor.

Having made enough money to buy a ring with the initials 'S LOVE K', he was on his bike to go meet his love Song Ee-kyeong.

However, Song Ee-soo didn't see the truck coming ahead and died in an accident.

As Song Ee-soo called a senior Scheduler and asked "Why am I recollecting my past?" he felt a headache. He then told Sin Ji-hyeon, "Watch yourself" and worried abut Ee-kyeong.


SBS "49 Days" Ends In First Place
(updated 21 May 2011)


SBS drama "49 Days" has ended with the highest ranking rate on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research "49 Days" on the 19th rated 0.7% more than the previous day and ended with 16.1%.

This is 1% higher than MBC drama "The Greatest Love" with 15.1% and 7.1% higher than KBS 2TV drama "Romance Town" with 9%.

"49 Days", which started in March, had a cast of Nam Gyoo-ri, Lee Yo-won, Jeong Il-woo Jo Hyeon-jae and dealt with the sources of death and possession, questioning the true human nature. It rated the highest until the end.

Meanwhile, "City Hunter" will follow this drama with Lee Min-ho and Park Min-yeong as the lead.


[Spoiler] "49 Days" Lee Yo-won and Jeong Il-woo, loving reunion



Actress Lee Yo-won and actor Jeong Il-woo reunited with tears.

SBS TV drama "49 Days" on the 18th, drew Song Ee-soo who filled 5 years of duty as a scheduler to be able to meet his lover Song Ee-kyeong (Lee Yo-won) again.

Happy that his duties were over, he ran to Song Ee-kyeong and they hugged in a field of flowers and cried their eyes out filled with joy.

Song Ee-soo then took her to where his accident happened and found the ring he had bought to propose to her from between the rocks and put it on her finger.

Not only that, they had a fun time at the amusement park and he re-did her apartment wallpaper for her, then spent late night resting on each others shoulders and talking about things.

However, Song Ee-soo tells an endlessly happy Song Ee-kyeong, "I'm still dead. I wanted to propose to you 5 years ago but now what I want to say has changed".

As Song Ee-kyeong says she will follow him, he says, "I waited 5 years for you to forget me and be happy. You have to let me go to be happy in the next life".

He confessed, "You are the most precious person to me" and displayed the last with an affectionate kiss and kept moving further and further away.

Meanwhile, Kang Min-ho (Bae Soo-bin) who had done evil deeds to Sin Ji-hyeon and her family, cried sorrowfully in front of his mother with Alzheimer.


[Spoiler] "49 Days" Nam Gyoo-ri destined to commit suicide in shock? Tragic


Sin Ji-hyeon (Nam Gyoo-ri) eventually died.

In the last episode of SBS drama "49 Days" on the 19th, viewers were surprised as Ji-hyeon, who managed to get 3 pure tears and revive, eventually went to the other world.

Ji-hyeon wakes up but in the end dies because of the after effects of the accident. The day she wakes up the scheduler Jeong Il-woo says, "I will take you back in 6 days from now. You're the last name on my schedule".

Ji-hyeon cries at the unbelievable truth. She tells Ee-kyeong (Lee Yo-won) I was meant to die. If I woke up without remembering the 49 days I would have killed myself in shock at Min-ho and In-jeong's betrayal. I was meant to die one way or another".

This implemented that Ji-hyeon was destined to go into the other world regardless of the tears. She spends the last 6 days with her loving Han-gang and her parents. She then dies from a sudden abdominal rupture.

Meanwhile, it turned out that Ee-kyeong, whose body Ji-hyeon depended on all this while, and Ji-hyeon were sisters.


Jeong Il-woo "The scheduler was an adventure for me"


Jeong Il-woo from the SBS drama "49 Days" which ended on the 19th gave his thoughts.

After having finished all of the scheduler's roles, he said, "I can't believe it's already over. I was a scheduler that managed a 49-day traveler but I think it was a 49-day adventure for me. They went by quickly but now that I've completed my journey I am so happy and thrilled".

He continued, "Doing this drama, I felt the preciousness of life and started thinking seriously about life and death. I am grateful to the director, writer and all the other staffs that allowed me to learn something like this".

The scheduler which Jeong Il-woo played in the drama "49 Days", is a new idea that played an important role in the layout of the drama. He said, "The new and awkward character of a scheduler was a challenge and adventure for me. I enjoyed being the scheduler".

He also spoke about his expectations in the next project. "As much as I loved "49 Days" I am sad it's over but I will hold it and the scheduler in a corner of my heart and hopefully I will soon come out with another item".

Jeong Il-woo created several issues playing the scheduler with his unique character, hair fashion and acting, earning him the remark that he's become much more grown up and mature.



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