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Japanese Drama - Buzzer Beat



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I have been wanting to write about this sports and romance drama since i watched it on cable few months ago but kept forgetting. This is the drama where i started to notice and like actress Kitagawa Keiko who acted as Shirakawa Riko, Yamashita Tomohisa's love interest in the show. She looks really lovely in the drama and i love her acting and chemistry with Yamashita Tomohisa. Watching the drama and the love story between Riko and Naoki reminds me of one of my all time favorite Japanese romance drama "Love Generation" starring Takuya Kimura. I love the plot and am touched by the sweet love between Riko and Naoki which reminds me of the bittersweet love between Takuya Kimura and Matsu Takako in "Love Generation". You can also watch it online at ( or ( I also saw the DVD set with English subtitles on sales at the TS video store and am considering getting it to add to my drama collection.




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This 11 episodes drama was shown in Japan, Fuji TV from 13 July 2009 to 21 September 2009. It won best drama in the 62nd Television Drama Academy Awards.


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In the drama, Yamashita Tomohisa stars as Kamiya Naoki, a young player from a professional basketball team. But due to his relatively smaller size and his tendency to crack under pressure, he is unable to show his true skills on the court. Meanwhile, Shirakawa Riko is a cheerful, strong-spirited music college graduate aiming to become a professional violinist. One day, Riko finds Naoki's lost cell phone on a bus, and their meeting is the start of a beautiful friendship that eventually turns into love.

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However, Naoki was already considering marriage with his current girlfriend Nanami Natsuki (Aibu Saki). And it doesn't help matters that Naoki's coach Kawasaki Tomoya (Ito Hideaki) has fallen in love at first sight with Riko!

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I love how Naoki and Riko are able to constantly support each other while trying to achieve their dream. It was also really touching how both characters try their best to achieve their dream despite all the initial setbacks and how they remains in love with each other despite constant sabotage from Naoki's scheming ex-girlfriend Natsuki and pressure from Naoki's coach.

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Natsuki had taken Naoki for granted and ended up with his teammate Yoyogi. She had hurt Naoki badly when he discover their secret affair and ended their relationship. She ended up regretting it when she sees Naoki getting better at his career and being together with Riko. I especially love the scene where Riko's best friend Mai scolded Natsuki for pestering and disturbing Riko about Naoki. The relationship development between Mai and Naoki's teammate Shuji was also really funny and cute and added extra spices to the drama.

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