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BRAND'S® Sesamin With Schisandra Extract

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Since i was in primary school, my mum would make me drink BRANDS essence of chicken whenever it was exam time and it is still the brand that i  feel familiar with and trust when i'm an adult. I'm a huge fan of its Innershine Prune and Berries Essence and drinks it regularly and my hubby also loves it. My fridge is full of BRAND's products and health supplements and i also love its bottled bird nest and drinks it regularly as part of my beauty regime. 



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When i first heard of BRAND'S® Sesamin With Schisandra Extract which is a health supplement for the liver, i thought that i don't really need it and it should be more suitable for those who drinks alcohol frequently as drinking excessive alcohol will also harm our liver. But i changed my mind after I chanced upon this interview of Jacelyn Tay online at Her World and realized that to get healthy hair, we must also make special effort to keep our liver healthy. Problems like hair loss and premature whitening are associated with liver problems.

 Jacelyn Tay talks about healthy hair and babies

Health spa  entrepreneur and newlywed Jacelyn Tay has been named the Hair & Wellness Ambassador for Japanese haircare brand Asience. Surprisingly, her interest in alternative forms of therapy stemmed from her unhealthy eating habits when she was younger. 

“My mum was very busy so I’d eat tidbits and instant food and didn’t nourish my body properly. I used to fall sick easily and my hair was thinning because I had an iron deficiency, which I didn’t know about. I had been taking antibiotics often and they were of no help, so I turned to herbs, instead.”

Hair care products aside, she recommends wolfberry and cordycep drinks, as well as a monthly liver detox as other ways to get healthy hair.

“You can take supplements or even go for a liver osteopathy massage to activate the organ’s functions and stimulate the nerves surrounding it.”

In TCM, the liver is believed to store blood and a person’s hair is an extension of the blood in the liver, according to Freddie Sun, a TCM practitioner with Body Inc. Thus, problems like hair loss and premature whitening are associated with liver problems.


Thus i'm also interested in giving the liver supplements a try so as to enhance and protect my liver's functions and get healthy hair :)

BRAND'S® Sesamin With Schisandra Extract helps you take control of your inner health by detoxifying your body and ensuring your liver is protected. Schisandra contains ingredients to activate your liver's enzyme system, which will enhance and protect your liver's functions. It also promotes liver cell regeneration, should the liver be damaged.
Essential for someone who works long hours or drinks quite regularly...Climbing up the corporate ladder can be stressful and might potentially affect your liver. Get a FREE 5-day BRAND'S® Sesamin with Schisandra Extract trial pack here to kickstart your journey to a better liver. You can also find out more information about BRAND's product at its website.

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