Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan battles nuclear emergency after deadly quake :(

The news and pictures of Japan earthquake and tsunami have been really devastating and constant stories of people losing their homes and without basic necessities heart-breaking and now even more sad news have been reported :(

Japan battled a feared meltdown of two reactors at a quake-hit nuclear plant Sunday, as the full horror of the disaster emerged on the ravaged northeast coast where more than 10,000 were feared dead. An explosion at the ageing Fukushima No. 1 atomic plant blew apart the building housing one of its reactors Saturday, a day after the biggest quake ever recorded in Japan unleashed a monster 10-metre (33-foot) tsunami. Two days after it struck about 400 kilometres northeast of Tokyo, aftershocks were still rattling the region, including a strong 6.8 magnitude tremor on Saturday and a 6.3 quake on Sunday. In the small port town of Minamisanriku alone some 10,000 people were unaccounted for -- more than half the population of the town, which was practically erased, public broadcaster NHK reported.(

We should really count our blessings and try to help out in whatever ways we can. For those who wish to help out the victims of the earthquake and tsunami, here is a link to American Red Cross. Every bit helps. Please do your part in helping those who are in need right now.

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