Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kate Spade - Hit The Dock Stevie

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I saw this lovely and cheerful yellow color Kate Spade bag while at the Kate Spade store at Takashimaya with a friend yesterday. It looks even nicer than the picture and it was love at first sight for me :) The original price was S$500+ and it is selling at S$290 currently!!! I wanted to get one as i love that its just the right size for me and i can fit in alot of my stuff but its a pity that they do not have a new piece and the bag on display was abit dirty. There is also no stock at the Raffle City branch.

I ended up purchasing the bag online using Citibank concierge service last night which was really easy and convenient but i'm not really sure of the exact shipping charges till it arrives. Hopefully i will not get a huge shock when i see the bill but the bag cost only US$207 at Kate Spade website which is about S$270 and hopefully the shipping charges will not cost more than S$40  as i do not wish to spend more than S$310 for the bag. I also saw some lovely new Kate Spade bags at the store and have included the pictures below for those who are thinking of getting a new bag ;) I'm gonna wait for them to be on sale before  i make anymore future purchases.

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(Source: http://www.katespade.com)

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