Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Love My New Kate Spade Bon Shopper and Hit The Dock Stevie Bags :)

I was really delighted when i received my Kate Spade purchases via DHL yesterday as i did not expect it to be so fast. Borderlinx only took about 7 days and i love its prompt and efficient service and it makes online shopping really convenient. The shipping charges were a killer though as i had to pay S$73.13 including fuel surcharge and additional S$39.68 for GST as my total purchases were more than S$400. I forgot about the GST and should have kept my purchases below S$400 but anyway i love both bags and at least shipping was more worthwhile with 2 bags than 1 :) I even took my Hit The Dock Stevie out the moment i received it as i was about to meet my cousin for Karaoke and luckily the deliveryman arrived before i went out.

Photo Mar 08, 11 31 50 PM

Photo Mar 08, 11 32 18 PM

Photo Mar 08, 11 32 43 PM

Photo Mar 08, 11 33 04 PM

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