Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Updates On Moonlight Resonance Third Sequel

I was surfing the net for more information about a possible third sequel for "Moonlight Resonance" and chanced upon this news from this website:

"TVB had organized a big reunion in a shopping mall for the showing of the final episode of Moonlight Resonance. They treated 600 fans to a traditional Chinese banquet. Some outside audience also joined in, making a big turn out of over 1000 people watching the final episode together. Stephen Chan, the general manager expressed that "Moonlight Resonance" is the final Chapter, there won't be a third sequel. The cast were asked if they were interested on working on the 3rd sequel. They all said they were interested. But Stephen said "There won't be a 3rd sequel. We have already had cakes as the theme, we ought to think of something else." Stephen reckoned the cast had so much pressure filming the two sequels, a new sequel will not match the success of the other two."

So i guess that ends all the speculation about a possible third sequel and all good things must come to an end...

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