Saturday, September 20, 2008

Moonlight Resonance Special Edition and Thoughts Of The Drama

I have been faithfully following each episode of this popular TVB drama now showing in Hong Kong which would end its run tomorrow. This drama is a sequel to the drama "Heart of Greed" with the original cast but a different plot. It is definitely even better than "Heart of Greed" and there is more focus on family ties in the drama and it is more heartwarming and touching. For those who are a fan of this drama like me, you might be interested in this special edition program which is like a sit down talk show with the Moonlight Resonance cast. I found the link for the program from this website:

So far after watching 35 episodes, i really like Tavia Yeung's character Ho Yuet in the drama and hopes that she and Moses Chan's character Wing Ga would end up together. Kate Tsui really did a great job acting as one of the villians Ga Mei in the drama and i really hated her character in the drama more than Michelle Yim's character Yan Hung. Ga Mei was just pure evil and cunning in the drama and my favourite scene was of her mother Aunt Sa (Susanna Kwan) canning her after revealing the evils things she had done. It was just so shiok watching her evil plots being revealed haha ...

I did not really like Linda Chung's character in the drama, her role was not as interesting as in "Heart of Greed" and the relationship between her and Raymond Lam's character Wing Ho in "Moonlight Resonance" was not as touching as in "Heart of Greed". It gets quite draggy watching her crying almost every episode and unable to make up her mind about giving up on Bosco Wong's character Shun in the drama. There was not much development on her character with regards to the family feud between her mother and Wing Ho's family and she was just so engrossed in her own problem of thinking of Shun. It was quite disappointing as i really like her acting in "Heart of Greed" and was looking forward to her and Raymond acting as a couple again in this drama and hoping they would end up together unlike the sad ending in "Heart of Greed" where Raymond's character died in an accident. I'm looking forward to watching the final episode and curious how the ending would be like and this is definitely the best Hong Kong drama i have watched this year :>

(Linda Chung and Raymond Lam have also released their albums recently and i really enjoys listening to their songs. Linda really sings very well in her debut album and there are 2 Mandarin songs in her album and i'm trying to learn her Cantonese songs so that i can sing them in the Karaoke. )

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Dora said...

Thanks for the info! I am looking forward to listening to Raymond's songs in his new album.