Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moonlight Resonance Great Ending (Spoiler Alert!!!)

I finally finished watching the last episode yesterday and was real satisfied with the ending :> The average rating for episode 39 and 40 is 47 points, peaked at 50 points, becomes the highest peaking of a TVB series. Moonlight Resonance's peaking set a new record and tied the rating of Dae Jang Geum in Hong Kong. (http://asianfanatics.net/news)

I like the ending twist of Linda Chung's character Chau pretending to abandon Wing Ho and marrying Shun so as to gain her mother's trust and get her to transfer all the shares of the company to her. Chau ended up returning all the shares to Ho Ma and Jo Ba. Initially i was quite pissed off when i saw her being with Shun once she learnt that his girlfriend had died. I really hated her character then!! I was really wondering if she and Wing Ho would not end up together as i really hope that they would be together after the sad ending of "Heart of Greed". I was also looking forward to her standing up to her mother throughout the drama and she finally did it in the final episode.

Another great pairing was Tavia Yeung and Moses Chan and their characters Ho Yuet and Wing Ga also ended up together and there was one misleading scene towards the end when i thought Wing Ga was going to die. I'm glad that he survived and I thought the ending was really great, but a bit rushed towards the part of Ho Yuet and Wing Ga. It would be better if they extend the episode and use it to focus more on Tavia and Moses's developing their relationship.

It was also very sweet and heartwarming seeing Jo Ba revealing his feelings for Ho Ma in the court and asking her for a second chance and also wishing during his birthday that Ho Ma would die before him so that he would not abandon her a second time. With the ending of "Moonlight Resonance", it has left me wondering if TVB would be filming a third sequel of the drama since it is so popular and has high ratings. All who has starred in the drama has been appearing in a lot of talkshows and programmes as viewers can't seem to get enough of the drama. I have started to watch some of the talkshows today so as to see more of the drama. I would definitely be watching if there is a third sequel with the orginal cast ;>

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