Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Memory Garden - Rachel Hore

I have recently finished reading this novel and was attracted to the book while in the library because of its beautiful book cover and title. The story tracks the fortunes of Mel Pentreath, a lecturer who takes a sabbatical from her job in London to go to write and heal her emotional wounds in Cornwall. Her mother has passed away recently and her boyfriend who is also her colleague has broke up with her. I was attracted to the story as i like the plot which links Mel's story with another character Pearl, a woman who lived one hundred years earlier in the same cottage in Cornwall as Mel is staying during her break.

This is a lovely and enchanting love story and i was curious to find out the story of Pearl and who Mel would chose in the end as her life partner. I also loved the way the book goes between the past history of Pearl, the hidden secrets behind their lives and how it is related to the cottage Mel is staying and the love story of Mel and Patrick and other interesting characters in the novel like Irina and her daughter. The garden described in the story seems magical and holds a mystery which i was eagered to learn about. This is really a beautiful story set in a beautiful place and makes one wish to have a chance to visit the place and follow in Pearl and Mels' footstep through the mysterious and magical garden.

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