Thursday, November 17, 2011

Korean Drama - Protect The Boss



I have not been watching much Korean dramas recently as i have been busy watching several interesting and highly rated Japanese and Hong Kong dramas instead. For those who loves watching Japanese drama, i would highly recommend watching "Kaseifu no Mita" and “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de” as both dramas have been getting good ratings in Japan and it has also been a joy watching the dramas which features my favorite Japanese actresses Matsushima Nanako and Keiko Kitagawaas as the main leads. I have also enjoy watching the latest TVB anniversary dramas "Forensic Heroes 3" and "Curse Of The Royal Harem" which are currently showing in Hong Kong as my favorite artistes Myolie Wu and Wayne Lai are the main leads in the show. I especially looks forward to watching each episodes of "Forensic Heroes 3" as it is really exciting and and the drama has been getting really good ratings in Hong Kong. I will write more about Myolie Wu's latest period drama soon.

The only Korea drama i have been following is "Poseidon" currently showing on KBS World every Mondays to Tuesdays, 9 pm and the plot is getting thicker and hubby and i have been looking forward to catching it on TV each week as we are really curious who is the big time unknown baddie in the show. Another Korean drama that i have been wanting to watch is the 18 episodes romance comedy drama "Protect The Boss" which had gotten good ratings when it was shown in Korea from 3 August to 22 September 2011 and stars actor Ji Sung. I'm interested in watching "Protect The Boss" as it features a role reversal of the typical Kdrama romantic comedy. Rather than the woman being a pitiful person who draws the attention of a powerful, arrogant, confident man, the man here is the object of pity by the woman, because of his family situation and his sometimes-crippling anxiety. The woman, by contrast, fears no one, is self-confident despite all the hardships she's been through, with the only pitiful things about her being her resume and bank account. The drama has actress Choi Kang Hee acting as Eun-Sul, who finally gets a job as a secretary at a law firm after struggling with unemployment, only to fall in love with her boss, Cha Ji-Hun (Ji Sung), the immature youngest son of a chaebol family.




A woman struggles to find a career, but finally lands a job as a secretary. She then falls in love with her handsome boss ...


Eun-Sul applies for job after job, but is passed over because she graduated from a third-rate university and doesn't possess a sparkling resume. In high school, Eun-Sul was notorious for fighting and fighting well. Then one day she decided to live her life the right way. She started to study hard and was able to pass a university entrance exam, even though the university wasn't prestigious. While attending university, Eun-Sul continued to study hard and also worked part-time jobs to pay her tuition fees. Now out in the real world, Eun-Sul finds landing a job extremely difficult.



One day, Eun-Sul receives a phone call and is informed she got the job. Eun-Sul becomes elated, but unbeknownst to her, the company that hired her is a loan sharking firm....



Ji-Hun (Ji Sung) on the other hand seems to be the perfect guy. He is from a wealthy family, is physically attractive, and works for the company which his father runs. But actually, Ji-Hun isn't interested in the family's company. Ji-Hun is also frightened to speak in front of others and being around strangers. He has ochlophobia - a fear of crowds, as well as agoraphobia - a fear of having a panic attack and embarrassing oneself. Neither his father nor his grandmother (played by legendary veteran actress Kim Young-Ok) know of his condition. Ji-Hun isn't social because of his phobia and doesn't associate with others at the company. He's also a germaphobe, and appears to be developing more neuroses as manifestations of the anxiety he feels over working for his father, President Cha, whose main style of parenting, and living, is bullying.






Bullying is nothing new to President Cha (Park Yeong-Gyu). His brother's widow, Shin Sook-Hee (Cha Hwa-Yeon), still blames him for her husband's death, due to how hard President Cha made things for the deceased. Though the two of them keep up the appearance of filial love, the only thing they want from each other is to see the other one fail, die, or both.




Her son is Moo-Won (JYJ Youngwoong Jaejoong), a hard-working and conscientious junior executive in the company who seems only to want the company to do well, and is willing to pick up the slack left by Ji-Hun's failings. However, something about Moo-Won also seems a little too good to be true.







Eun-Sul has a get-together with her new employers at a bar after her first day at work. She quickly becomes enraged when her boss makes sexual passes at her and a fellow female employee. She reaches her tipping point when she sees her boss accosting her co-worker. Eun-Sul then follows her boss into the men's restroom and proceeds to tie her boss, by his necktie, to the bathroom sink. Ji-Hun also arrives at the same bar for a get-together with his co-workers. Ji-Hun then bumps into Eun-Sul as she is leaving the bar, drops his cellphone, and becomes angry. He starts arguing with Eun-Sul, when Eun-Sul's gangster employers come rushing after her. Eun-Sul is able to fight off the gangsters and make her escape, but leaves Ji-Hun behind. Ji-Hun, left alone with the gangsters, is beaten up.



When Ji-Hun goes back home his father notices the cuts and bruises on his son's face. Ji-Hun's father goes to the gangster's office and proceeds to beat them up. The case then is picked up by the media and Ji-Hun's father is sentenced to do community service. The media coverage also damages their family business.


Ji-Hun's company then holds an interview to hire Ji-Hun a new secretary. Eun-Sul arrives at the interview with other applicants, but is ignored by her interviewers because of her poor qualifications. Angered by their lack of questions, Eun-Sul proceeds to criticize them before leaving. Eun-Sul is certain she won't be hired, but is later stunned when she actually gets the job. Eun-Sul learns afterwards that one of her interviewers, Moo-Won, recommended her. Now she finds herself as the tough but hard-working low-class girl in a pool of elitist ivy-league executive secretaries. Despite these difficulties, she also quickly earns the favor and trust of President Cha through her forthrightness and honesty.





On Eun-Sul's first day at her new job she meets her boss Ji-Hun, but both of them fail to recognize each other from the nightclub. Ji-Hun is perturbed that his cousin Moo-Won picked Eun-Sul as his secretary and proceeds to give Eun-Sul a hard time, hoping she will quit. Ji-Hun quickly discovers that Eun-Sul is persistent.











Meanwhile, Eun-Sul quickly discovers that President Cha's assault case and all the headaches that come with it are fallout from the brawl she started with her former employers. One day in the elevator Ji-Hun's father becomes angered and starts to hit Ji-Hun. Eun-Sul then jumps in between the two men and tells Ji-Hun's father that she has to protect her boss. Since that moment Ji-Hun starts giving Eun-Sul less of a hard time and to rely on her more and more...















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