Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Early SK-II Christmas Gifts From Hubby :)

I went for a skin check at the SK-II counter at Woodlands Metro yesterday as the skin check is not available during the Metro 20% sales which starts tomorrow and my last check was in May 2011. I find the skin check really  useful in helping me to determine if my current skincare products are sufficient or working well on my skin and whether i need to make some changes to the products and focus on other problem areas. 

I was pleasantly surprised to meet Calyn, the friendly and helpful beauty consultant who did my skin check at Takashimaya in May and impressed me and my friend with her friendly and non pushy service. I have encountered some service staff who has that "cannot be bothered" attitude which really spoils your shopping experience and i'm glad to meet Calyn again as she is really patient and gave me good advice on what products suits my current skin condition after my skin check. Calyn has stopped working permanently at the Takashimaya counter and is sometimes stationed at the Woodlands counter and you can look for her if you are thinking of giving SK-II products a try ;)

I decided to get the SK-II Pitera Choice Set from her yesterday instead of waiting for the Metro 20% sales tomorrow to get my reserved Pitera Revival Set  as i wanted to focus more on whitening instead of anti-aging as i'm satisfied with the firmness results of my skin after the skin check but needed to work on achieving even skin tone. I decided to get the Cellumination Deep Surge which would help to balance my skin tone. I have started using it recently and love its light rose scent and gel like texture which is non greasy on my skin and keeps it moisturized. I also wanted to get the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion which is also not included in the Christmas Sets and decided the Choice Set would suits me more. I also purchased my favorite Facial Treatment Essence and am really happy with this early Christmas gift from hubby :))) You can go to my earlier post for more information about the other SK-II Christmas sets available.

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