Monday, November 28, 2011

Relaxing Time @ The Airport :)

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Hubby went KL last week for work and i agreed to meet him at the airport so that we can have dinner before going home. I reached the airport early after my shopping trip at Orchard and had time to drink my favorite iced blended coffee at Starbucks while waiting for hubby's flight to arrive. I had a fun time playing the new app game "Sally's Studio" on my iPad 2. I was lucky to play the game free as i had registered to be a beta tester and was selected ;) We had a simple dinner at Wang Cafe as alot of the dishes listed in the menu were not available and it was a pity i could not drink their delicious herbal soup again.

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However i was really happy that hubby bought me my favorite SK-II products at the duty free shop. The Skin Signature Cream 80g only cost S$143 instead of S$219 at the department stores. I also got him to buy for me the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion which cost S$73 instead of S$114 at the department stores. I know that it is much cheaper to purchase skincare products at the duty free shops and had also heard from a friend that her hubby always buys her favorite SK-II products at the airport as he travels overseas for work regularly but did not realize that the price difference is so much! Will definitely stock up on my favorite SK-II products during my next overseas trips. You can find out more about the duty free shop prices from Nuance Watson. However do note that you will not be able to get gifts with purchases or samples due to the cheaper prices.

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